Wednesday, December 23, 2009


In honor of Cuddly Wuddly Christ, Dave from RatherThanWorking, and the holiday season in general, here is my all-time favorite Christmas memory:

It’s December and we’re bringing down Mom’s mountains of Christmas decorations from the attic.

Da is up at the top of the stairs handing things down to us. Us is me, my brother Eric, and David, my boyfriend at the time.

It was a long process and we were all pretty crabby and dusty towards the end.

“Here’s a box of ornaments,” Da said. “Be careful.”

“Here’s the wreath.”

“Here are the outside lights, put those over in the corner.”

Finally, he got to the last box. The three of us looked up expectantly at Da, leaning down with that trademark half-serious grin.

“And here. Here’s the goddamned manger.”

Thanks to Da, every manger, anywhere (especially in my own house, dragging out decorations in December) is referred to as The Goddamned Manger.
I am listening to: Bare Naked Ladies - God Rest Ye Merry Woop-di-do
I am reading: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
And I am: Unbelievably joyful

Friday, December 11, 2009

Good Things Friday - You Don't Need Shoes if You're Dead Edition

My iPhone isn't dead, just very crabby lately
My heavy winter boots which I thought needed replacing
Just needed a good cleaning/vacuuming and
Are pretty much the warmest things I own
They're ugly but get the job done
Unlike those fucking Ugg boots that are worthless in deep snow/slush
Going to the ChristKindl-Markt (which we call the Kringle mart) then dinner with Jim and The Millers tonight - it's going to be a blast.
Putting up the village tomorrow with Tina - one of my favorite holiday traditions
The Chipmunks Xmas song
3 Advil is the poor man's Vicodin
Jim's new baked Spanish rice recipe - YUMMY
Gromit actually looked pissed and covered his eyes with his paws Thursday morning when I turned on the light to find a book
It was without question the most human thing he's ever done
Right after knowing Mom was spelling F-R-I-S-B-E-E that one time
"Why does she need shoes if she's dying?"
Jim's Xmas lights on the house are beautiful

He always sneaks off and buys new ornaments a few weeks before Christmas -this year it's an excessively chatty Robby the Robot and a Twilight Zone TV
"Are those my bras?' I say to Jim as he brings in a small UPS box from the porch.
"Your bras would fit in this box?"
I am listening to: Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics
I am reading: Nothing great right now
And I am: Getting there

Friday, December 04, 2009

Good Things Friday - Freezing My Baguettes Off Edition

BEST THANKSGIVING EVER - it was a truly collaborative effort and unbelievably fun, thanks to all of our good friends, xoxo!
Having some amazing, enlightening conversations with Mom over the past two days
Another favorite holiday tradition: Christmas Walk in Geneva tonight; hope to see you there!
Last year I knocked over a luminary and it burst into flames
Went to a Pampered Chef party at Mrs. You-Know-Who's with Mom W, Judy, and Debbie Thursday night
Jim: "You're just pissed off you don't have a penis."
For the first time in my life I have pretty fingernails and am getting lots of compliments on them
It's very girly and historically I've stayed away from high maintenance chick stuff, but this makes me inexplicably happy
My new lumpy brown $20 sweater from Target
Okay maybe I'm lumpy, not the sweater but who the fuck cares
My podiatrist has fixed the hell outta both ingrown toenails
His name is Robin and he's awesome
(I like it when he touches my feet)
(in a purely professional doctor-patient way of course)
(not really)
Anyhow, where were we?
I am writing again, just not here - more on that later
"Back Door Santa" by Clarence Carter
I now have a professional mentor - something new and interesting and kinda cool
Getting the Griswold family Christmas tree this Sunday
I am listening to: Blue Christmas - Elvis
I am reading: Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler
And I am: Pretty freakin' festive