Friday, October 15, 2010

Good Things Friday – Full Poop Edition

“Do you know anyone looking for a marketing position?”

That’s how it started.

Almost two months ago. With a call from my good friend Scotty.

“I’m sure there’s somebody I know…let me think about it,” I replied.

I referred two people to him.

Then, in a subsequent conversation with him, the topic turned to me – what I was doing and more importantly, what I wanted to do.

“I’m happy,” I said. “I love it here. I love the work, I love the people.”

“Just talk to him,” said Scotty. “It can’t hurt.”

It didn’t hurt. In fact, it felt great.

I’ve always really enjoyed interviewing (I’m kinda mental that way) but this was something more – to be talking about what I do with a Great and Powerful Technology Company. It was pretty amazing.

“You should know there’s another candidate,” said Scotty.

It was mostly phone interviews – with the VP I’d be reporting to and a handful of people who would be my counterparts across the U.S. One interesting thing: They’ve all been with the company more than 7 years. So once they work there, they stay – which speaks volumes about their business and how they treat employees.

I kept telling myself: What’s the worst thing that’ll happen? I don’t get the job and I get to stay at the company I love? What’s to lose?

But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it.

I’d never worked for a company with more than 800 employees. This company has more than 80,000. I’d be working alongside Scotty, which was always fun and creative and cool. I’d be focused on one product line, only one aspect of marketing (live seminars and events) and one region.

Then there were the soft benefits. Work from home 100% of the time. A nice salary boost. Plus, I’m 43. Jim is 50. We’re in our prime holy-fuck-we-gotta-retire-eventually earning years and working for (and retiring from) a company like this makes a big difference.

Did I mention the work from home thing? Only genuine dog lovers will truly understand this, but Grommie is 10 years old. Having the option to be home with him as he gets older and needs us more is very important.

Yes, important enough to make a life-changing career move.

I started really wanting it. Really. Wanting. It.

As it turns out, they wanted me, too.

I start November 1.

I’m sad to be leaving the melty chocolate chip cookie place, but it’s a good decision for my family and my career.

It’s good for me, too.
Other good things
Jim got a new job too
He starts the same day I do
Different place
I keep thinking of all the things I can do with the extra 3 hours I’ll have each day
Not commuting
Yes, it's 1.5 hours each way
Working out is #1 on that list
We’re loving the new show Outsourced
“You treat my country like a cash register.”
“We call shirts like that wife-beaters in the U.S.”
“Ironic, since I do not have a wife to beat.”
I imagine there are people who do not find humor in a show about outsourced jobs to India
It bothers me
But not enough to stop watching it
And Big Bang Theory
Such an outstanding cast
Barefoot Shiraz is fucking awesome
Especially with Pizza Rolls
Yeah Pizza Rolls and wine for dinner last night
Shaddap, it was good
Makes me think of my very good friend DewMama
Had yet ANOTHER fantastic weekend in Lake Geneva
With Mr. & Mrs. You Know Who
Painted their shed
Long, lovely boat ride
The fall colors were magnificent
Watched the sunset from the boat for the first time
Then I woke up early to watch the sunrise over the lake
Listened to bantering fisherman, gathered in five or so boats near the dock
And this (just before they shot off in different directions across the lake)
“It’s smallmouth today. Everything is legal, boys. Be back here at 1.”
There was comfort in their language
I really wanted to be them for the next six hours
Then Mrs. YKW met me at the dock and we went for a long walk along the lake path It was one of the best, most relaxing weekends in recent memory
Took away all the tension of giving notice on Monday
“If I’d known she was looking, I would’ve offered her a job myself.”
The Oatmeal
The “hide” option on Facebook
My new cargo pants from Target
Super comfy and cute
“I love you and our ability to be honest with one another; and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.” - Judy
Made me smile, made my day
Jim and I are doing dinner and a movie tonight
It’s been too long
Tomorrow we’re going to All Dressed Up to look for costumes
For a Halloween/50th birthday party
I am thinking about resurrecting Bride of Frankenstein
Or Wicked Witch of the East
Although Little Red Riding Hood was fun too
(If you click the link you can see the cape I wore)
Discovered a spot even closer to Union Station for catching the #11 bus
It’s great
Just in time to not need it anymore
Oh well
“If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” - Meister Eckhart
I am listening to: Cowboy Junkies - Misguided Angel
I am reading: My offer letter packet
And I am: Excited and no longer crazy

Friday, October 08, 2010

Good Things Friday - Running with Coffee Edition

Well you didn’t wake up this morning
‘Cause you didn’t go to bed
You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red
The calendar on your wall is ticking the days off…
You’ve been reading some old letters
You smile and think how much you’ve changed
All the money in the world
Couldn’t buy back those days

Remember that crazy awesome thing I mentioned a few weeks back?
It’s finally happening
And while I still can’t let fly with the details just yet
(There are certain people who need notifying)
Next Friday you’ll get the Full-on Poop
I discovered voice dial on my iPhone
No set up, no recording/assigning names
Just say the stinkin’ contact
And it automagically dials
So much safer whilst driving
Had the kick-off meeting last night for the woop-di-do spring charity event
For The Enterprising Kitchen
This is selfish but I think you’ll understand
Doing this sort of thing is addictive
Not necessarily because of the difference it makes to the women we serve
(Although that is the goal obviously)
But because it makes me feel really, really good
Rather than draining my energy
It makes me want to do more
Oh God I looked over the shoulder of a guy reading the Trib
And those idiots endorsed Mark Kirk
The guy who ‘misremembered it wrong’ on key parts of his military career
Bread and circuses
(panem et circenses)
One of my favorite phrases
I’ll be so glad when the elections are over
I love watching people running with coffee to catch the train
It’s a herky-jerky sort of walk-run
That involves keeping the cup-holding side immobile
So glad I don’t run with coffee
There are myriad reasons why I might appear ridiculous on any given day
But that ain’t one of them
Had lunch with my good friend Jeff the IT Guy Tuesday
He works in the city now
And yes, I have Jeff the IT Guy and Jim the IT Guy
("Fuck you, cheater." - Jim the IT Guy)
There's also Andy the IT Guy, but we only talk via IM occasionally
This company I’m at now doesn’t have an IT Guy
We outsource to a team of IT Guys in Wisconsin
I don’t know their names
They are not my friends
You could’ve done anything if you’d wanted
And all your friends and family
Think that you’re lucky
But the side of you they never see
Is when you’re left alone with the memories
That hold your life together like glue

Jim ‘n me had a city date this week at Uno’s
It’s not like the chain Uno’s
It’s the original
It is better, more authentic
Jim has been going there for 30+ years
I’ll never forget the first time he took me there
He dished out the salad for me
It was one of those moments
The cynical among you might chalk it up to Date Behavior
But he still does it
Even at home
We are helping the You Know Who’s paint their awesome new shed this weekend
I love love LOVE doing projects with friends/family
There’s something about it that is unbelievably satisfying and fun
Folks just don’t do that sort of thing much any more
You pull back the curtains
And the sun burns into your eyes
You watch a plane flying
Across a clear blue sky
This is the day
Your life will surely change
This is the day
When things fall into place

I am listening to: The The – This is The Day
I am reading: The Bookseller of Kabul
And I am: Fucking awesome

Friday, October 01, 2010

Good Things Friday - Figuring It Out Edition

It is a gorgeous autumn day
I’m wearing my favorite suede jacket
And a whore scarf
Eh, fuck it
I’m seriously not in the mood for good things today
I am sad because it seems like the people who hate
(the people who are stupid and cruel and loud)
Are winning lately
Like the student who broadcast over the Internet
His roommate making out with a guy
Three days later
The roommate jumped off a bridge, killing himself
Okay this is helping
The miracle of writing things down
Brings clarity
What happened was mean and heartbreaking and so not necessary
But the kid didn’t have to kill himself
And I wonder
How a healthy gay man who doesn’t feel any shame
Over who he is, how he was born
Would respond
Get angry and call a lawyer?
Laugh it off?
“Sure the camera added 10 pounds – to my cock.”
Certainly, homosexuality is less taboo than ever
It’s never been more acceptable – even cool in some cases – to be gay
And I am so not siding with the idiots who did this
But where did that shame come from?
From his parents?
And when do you respond to unspeakable cruelty by hurting yourself and your family?
[This is me, putting my perceptions on him]
Maybe I’m totally wrong
Maybe he was not shamed over being gay and outed on the Internet
Maybe it was the horror of being broadcast during an intimate moment
Regardless of the gender of his partner
I hope
I really hope
I am listening to: In Heaven There is No Beer
I am reading: The Bookseller of Kabul
And I am: Feeling a little better now