Friday, October 01, 2010

Good Things Friday - Figuring It Out Edition

It is a gorgeous autumn day
I’m wearing my favorite suede jacket
And a whore scarf
Eh, fuck it
I’m seriously not in the mood for good things today
I am sad because it seems like the people who hate
(the people who are stupid and cruel and loud)
Are winning lately
Like the student who broadcast over the Internet
His roommate making out with a guy
Three days later
The roommate jumped off a bridge, killing himself
Okay this is helping
The miracle of writing things down
Brings clarity
What happened was mean and heartbreaking and so not necessary
But the kid didn’t have to kill himself
And I wonder
How a healthy gay man who doesn’t feel any shame
Over who he is, how he was born
Would respond
Get angry and call a lawyer?
Laugh it off?
“Sure the camera added 10 pounds – to my cock.”
Certainly, homosexuality is less taboo than ever
It’s never been more acceptable – even cool in some cases – to be gay
And I am so not siding with the idiots who did this
But where did that shame come from?
From his parents?
And when do you respond to unspeakable cruelty by hurting yourself and your family?
[This is me, putting my perceptions on him]
Maybe I’m totally wrong
Maybe he was not shamed over being gay and outed on the Internet
Maybe it was the horror of being broadcast during an intimate moment
Regardless of the gender of his partner
I hope
I really hope
I am listening to: In Heaven There is No Beer
I am reading: The Bookseller of Kabul
And I am: Feeling a little better now