Friday, September 04, 2009


Pausing to watch the sun rise over Mooseheart farm Wednesday morning
Soaking up the moon beams on lounge chairs last night
Waking up with Coolio’s Fantastic Voyage in my head
Recognizing where my fear of public speaking comes from
Hosting a fabulous webinar on Wednesday

Email from me to Jim early Tuesday: “I’m definitely hormonal.”
Coming home to two packages of Chips Ahoy cookies on the kitchen counter Tuesday night

Our good friends Steve & Judy – who turned a 4-hour painting project into a way more fun 1.5 hour project. Love you guys, thanks again.
The dusty-rosy sedum is starting to bloom in the garden that Judy designed for us
Finding out I’m allergic to horses, hamsters, and ham
Realizing I have Prius envy
Still no chips – I’ve totally lost the taste for them; have not managed to give up sweets yet. Yet.

Emailing about birthday/vacation plans for Jim and Mrs. You Know Who next February:
Hedy: How about this – You Know Who and I will cook for the Birthday Twins - whaddaya say, old man, you up for sporting an apron in honor of the two people we love most?
YKW: How bout you shut the fuck up.

An old couple smiling/dancing/singing along with “Cathy’s Clown” in Graham’s Chocolates on Saturday.
Dark chocolate almond bark from Graham’s Chocolates in Geneva
Chatting with Marco the jeweler from St. Charles at dinner last night - he says business is starting to pick up, another sign the economy might be in recovery
A grilled cheese sammich
Craig Ferguson
Getting this email late Thursday night: Our fearless leader has graciously decided to give us Friday afternoon off! So...please feel free to head out after 1:00.
Playing Facebook Scrabble and swearing a lot

Me: “Do you swear at work?”
Jim: “I think my office is one of the few places where you’ll hear ‘suck my dick, motherfucker’ in a status meeting.”

The douchebag with anger management issues sitting next to me on the train who tried to block someone from getting off before him. He didn’t win.
I am listening to: Coolio – Fantastic Voyage
I am reading: Twilight book 2
And I am: Fucking awesome


Susan's Snippets said...

Hedy -

I am delightfully happy after reading your GTF post each week.

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