Friday, January 08, 2010

Good Things Friday – Back in the Groove Electric Boogaloo Edition

The 2009 holiday season was the best EVER

A fabulous pre-Christmas trip to Michigan to see family and friends

Nelson and Bec are getting married in Hawaii this November and it's just crazy-awesome-cool

Skiing in northern Wisconsin – one of my very favorite traditions and a great way to kick off every new year

I'm not a great skier but it's relaxing and fun for me

The cupcake charm Mom sent for my Pandora bracelet is wonderful

"You're a cupcake. And who doesn't love a cupcake?" - Mom

1Password – software that keeps all your password, ID, credit card, and software license info in one secure and easily accessible place

Sorry, it's only for us really cool Mac people

Jim built an amazing, awesome bar in the basement

He’s calling it the Wong Way Inn

(his nickname is Wong)

It makes me think of my favorite golf joke

Anyhow, it’s growing on me

Can’t stop watching the new Star Trek movie

It’s just good clean fun

And Leonard Nemoy's cameo is priceless

Good week back at work

New Motorola wireless headphones for Christmas - fantastic sound quality, and so much easier on my tiny ears than those damn iPod earbud thingies

I hate the word 'earbud' it sounds like something ugly growing in my ear

Finally sucked it up and got another copy of my Best of Ed Bruce CD, which was stolen years ago

Definitely one of my top 5 favorite albums

“Everything’s a Waltz” and “Mommas Don’t Let Your Babies” are sublime

Ed Bruce actually wrote the song made famous by Willie and Waylon

And sang it way better than them on this CD

The guy’s like 80 years old now and still kickin’ with the ding-dang sexiest voice on the planet

Like a very old Kid Rock

He had a cameo in Public Enemies with Johnny Depp

My boss and a co-worker made it home to Chicago last night

Keith at the front desk and Andre the Giant - two guys in our office building who keep things running smoothly

It's the only way I can remember his name - he's Andre and he is the Largest Human Being I've ever met

I have my first meeting with my mentor today finally

He scares the crap outta me, that’s why I asked him to do this

Had a pretty horrible dream on Monday but by Wednesday had it mostly figured out

Fantasizing about everyone on the train singing “Mommas Don’t Let Your Babies”

It’s been like eight or nine months since I’ve had a crunchy/salty chip

Still haven’t given up sweets as planned

But I’ll get there

Realized yesterday that 2009 was the best year of my life


I am listening to: TLC – Diggin’ on You

I am reading: Eat, Pray, Love…sorta

And I am: Like peace…in a groove


judy said...

Congrats on having the best year ever! Glad I shared some of it with you! Looking forward to another great year :) xoxo

Mom said...

I am oh so happy for you Hedy, and also oh so proud.