Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mono without all the fun of getting it

I am realizing - by the stilted reactions of several acquaintances - that there's a bit of a stigma around mono.

"Mono? Feel better."

"Mono? How'd that happen?"

"Mono? I always knew you were a whore."

You get the picture.

I sincerely wish I'd had some of the fun involved with contracting this evil virus. It would make having my ass embedded in the couch so much more enjoyable, with at least a few good memories to pass the time.

Mono IS contracted via saliva. It can be spread if a person sneezes on their hand and then shakes hands with someone or touches a door knob/handle.

Which is how I got it. I'm assuming.

Perhaps this isn't the best time to confess my penchant for sucking on door knobs?
I am listening to: A very quiet house
I am reading: A user experience assessment for Zumies
And I am: Crabby and tired


judy said...

I'm also home today....fighting a chest cold, but enjoying some oh so yummy brownies and Oberweis ice cream!! Thank you friend :)

molly gras said...

will you be better in time for your trip? I sincerely hope so ...

Mom said...

Did you have fun getting Mono when you were in high school??? I sure hope you start to feel better soon Hed.

fermicat said...

Door knobs? Awww, that's not a fun way to get sick

Hope you're feeling better.