Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Things Friday - Late Edition

I am having crazy dreams
About midgets
And spinning houses
Not at all Wizard of Ozzy
Although it does feel like I'm not in Kansas any more lately
Good things are happening
But not fast enough
And it's stressing me a bit
Which is prolly why I'm fighting a virus this week
I'm wearing very comfy cargo pants from Target
And my favorite hoodie from the Grand Wailea
This hoodie from Snorg Tees
Made me laugh out loud just now
Which I found from Googling how to spell "hoodie"
So here's a crazy story that is not at all related to the current primary craziness:
I work for a company that builds e-commerce sites
My favorite cousin Chris has disowned the entire family
No one really knows or understands why
But he hasn't spoken to any of us for going on three years now
And when Da had surgery two weeks ago, Chris' mom (my aunt, Da's sister)
Was there with us at the hospital and we talked about it
I know Chris was close with his brothers and sisters
But we've always been super-duper-pooper close
So Aunt Sheri and I are probably the people most hurt by this strange turn of events
It was a good talk
Flash forward to the Sunday following Da's surgery (four days later)
I'm poking around in, our company database, looking at recent activity
Via a new Twitter-like feature called Chatter
And there's my cousin's wife
In our fucking database
Working for a potential client
With whom we've been meeting for three weeks
To possibly do their web site project
Get this
She was scheduled to visit our office the next day
It was pretty crazy, seeing Chris' wife in my office
And by the look on her face, she was surprised to see me too
I should mention they live in Michigan, last time we heard
And I live in Illinois
I will not editorialize on the 20 minute conversation we had
At her request
After the meeting
[Writing, struggling, writing, deleting, struggling, finally choosing to not say anything]
It appears we've won the business
For now
It is interesting how the Universe works, though, isn't it?
On the phone with Mudder right now
Everybody's doing great
"I've gotta get rid of this scar because I'm an exotic dancer." - Da
I am listening to: Mudder
I am reading: Not much
And I am: A little sleepy