Friday, August 14, 2009


My Official Route 25 Parking Pass!
An unexpected evening with friends and the Kane County Cougars
Receiving the honor of the very first shot from a fresh bottle of Gentleman Jack
Sitting in my car finishing a glass of water because I’m not stressed about missing the train because of my Official Route 25 Parking Pass
My new toothbrush: The Colgate 360. It’s got this rough, rubbery surface on the back of the brush that massages the inside of my mouth and it feels surprisingly gooooood
They’re pouring concrete for the new shed today
Niko’s Lodge in Wasco – fabulous food and great service, plus fire pits out front and s’more supplies inside the door
Seeing three shooting stars through the sun roof on the way home from dinner
Jim, Grom and me, lying on lawn chairs in the backyard looking for more shooting stars
Arguing with Jim and then laughing together right after
Gomez – See the World
Sha la la la la la - sha la la la la la - sha la la la la la
The best sweet corn on the planet from that farm stand on Bliss Road
Writing a presentation abstract that got (tentatively) accepted for the Internet Retailer conference in Chicago next year
My friend Susan’s Soon-to-be-Famous Chocolate Polka Dot cookies sold out her first Saturday at the Batavia farmer’s market
Eating almost an entire bag of Susan’s Soon-to-be-Famous Chocolate Polka Dot cookies because I ‘don’t want them to melt’ - as if I need that excuse.
Wonderful, lovely pottery bought with Judy at the Art/Fart in Your Eye Festival
Did I mention my new Route 25 Parking Pass?
A message from an ex co-worker on Facebook that totally made my day
“You can’t fight crazy”
Finding my new haircut in this month’s Real Simple magazine
Feeling better finally
Coming to the realization that Cheez-Its are NOT crackers
Still, no chips or other salty crunchy snacks for what is it, 7 weeks now? That’s gotta count for something.
Blue Cross/Blue Shield: $16 for an adjustment and a 90-minute massage with the loveable sadist Jason at my chiropractor’s office
“You losing weight? I can see it in your face.”
Understanding how unbelievably blessed I am more and more every day
I am listening to: Gomez – See the World
I am reading: Content for the new web site
And I am: Blessed


Susan's Snippets said...

Amen to it all, Girlie, Amen!!

Thanks for the purchase(s) and also the props for my new cookie venture put out in Hedyland for all the world to see!!

fills me with glee

molly gras said...


I love happy endings!

*psst - now please pass me somma dim der cookies ... tanks!


Anonymous said...

What makes this route 26 pass thingy so great?
And I know what you mean about laughing with Jim... it's still in my top ten things to do!
Do me a favor and sniff his crotch for me...
Luv ya

Hedy said...

I've been on the waiting list for a Route 25 parking pass for nearly 5 years. It's a sticker for my car that allows me to park in the main (and safe) lot by the train, avoiding the whole find a spot adventure in the (unsafe) back lot, check the number on the spot, forget the number on the spot and walk back to car, enter the number into the ticket machine, pay for parking and then run to catch the train. It just cut about 5 - 10 minutes out of my commute.