Friday, August 07, 2009


Here goes:
11 years married and he still makes me laugh every day
This silly table planter to the left which I've managed to keep alive most of the summer
Busy, busy work week in spite of having the third sinus infection in as many months
Pouring concrete for a shed this Monday
No crunchy-salty-chippy snacks for six weeks now (we'll just ignore the pretzel incident from last week, shall we?)
New case for the iPhone
"Ryan update?"
A Bingo on FB Scrabble - "Mittens"
It finally feels sorta like summer outside
Realizing that I actually do need quite a bit of alone time in order to be creative and that the lesson which posed the opposite from charm school was, in fact, utter bullshit
Still being able to have a fun, interesting conversation with your husband after knowing him nearly 20 years
"They don't have the kind of super duper tampons I was looking for."
"There's a fresh bucket of shop rags in the garage."
The FAQs on Stephen King's web site make him sound like a total douchebag
Ken Follett knows how the hell to host a fan page, so suck it, Stephen King
The "And the Pursuit of Happiness" blog at the New York Times - LOVE IT
Taking pics of Jim & Grom with my 'good' camera

Okay, folks. The reality is I'm exhausted. I haven't slept more than 1 or 2 hours each night all week. I'm up right now again because of this fucking miserable sinus infection and all I want/need/crave is some fucking SLEEP. This is not a good thing. It's a What The Fuck thing.

Sitting on the porch watching the mosquitos bombard the screen above Jim's head
Oberweis chocolate ice cream in a bowl, nothing more, nothing less
Working from home in my 'office' upstairs instead of on the couch - Jim calls it my fort
Going to The Art in Your Eye Festival this Saturday with Judy - we call it the Fart in Your Eye Festival because of a poorly designed sign
Susan's delicious cookies at the Batavia Farmer's Market Saturday morning - go get 'em!
Filed/painted my nails tonight
Have an appointment with an ENT specialist in two weeks
Debating paranoid morons on Facebook
P's are definitely coming back this month - YAY!
I am listening to: Middle of the night house sounds
I am reading: Nothing interesting
And I am: Exhausted


Daijobu des said...

Even after 20 years blah blah blah you are still flowin like Niagra! Good on ya Mate!

Susan's Snippets said...

Hedy -

It all sounds good (except for the whole sinus infection thing!)...looking forward to seeing your beautiful smiling face tomorrow and (hopefully) NO rain and NO County Health Dept. inspector for my first foray into making "extra" money.

hunny bunny

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when we change our diet in a big way, our body reacts in odd ways. But... eventually it adapts and comes out better than ever.
I remember when I stopped eating lmy own turds. For awhile I would get real bad ear aches but eventually I bounced back and ended up better than ever!
I do miss a good tasty turd every now and again though...