Friday, August 28, 2009


The guy with the handlebar mustache reading the “Mormon Times” newspaper on the 7:22 this morning

Who knew the Mormons had so much news?

Imagining what Mormon news would be

Singing the “Good morning, good morning” song in a semi-operatic voice to Mom this morning

Jim got me one of those new ‘environmentally friendly’ (read: trendy) metal water bottles

Sunflowers growing next to a Porta-Potty along the railroad tracks

Purchased Snow Leopard last night

My literary umbrella

My jeans fit better

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve had a potato chip and I no longer miss them

Saying no to potato chips when they’re offered to me and not feeling anything like regret

Went to the Oprah show with a co-worker this week – trippy and interesting

144 people registered for my webinar next Wednesday

Two BINGOS in a row on Scrabble with Jim the IT guy this week – highest scoring game EVER

Catching up with Susan at her birthday lunch

The shed is being built today

A sassy haircut

The word ‘sassy’

Memories of our neighbor’s dog growing up – a red and white Spaniel of some sort named Sassy

Having no plans this weekend

Finally writing - and thinking about writing again

The fake palm trees in front of the Key Wester restaurant on Rt. 59

The two guys with Bibles across from me on the train now – why does this always surprise me?

The guy on the left – his Bible is very worn; the guy on the right, not so much

Pizza and movies with Tina while Jim was at the Bear’s game Saturday night

Stockholm’s with Jim last night – and the best baked potato soup on the planet

My $10, 90-minute massage at 5:30 tonight

Knowing the rule that if you’re the first person sitting in the seats upstairs on the train, that you get to put your arms towards the back of the seat

Bumping the guy next to me who obviously doesn’t know the fucking rule

Having him get a clue and move his arms to the forward, more uncomfortable position

The movie Gran Torino

Going to pick out invitations for my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday party tomorrow

The smell of popcorn in Union Station reminds me of going to the Kmart on Groesbeck in Mt. Clemens with Mom and Grandma

The saxophone guy outside Union Station playing ‘Careless Whisper’

This dingbat at the Lost & Found window in Union Station: “Hi. I lost a small black umbrella on the train yesterday….”

Ed at the ticket window in Union Station:

“Two hundred dollars…and 60 cents for a ten-ride and a monthly.”

“Ugh…all I have is $200,” says me.

“You can owe me,” he says. “Now you’re not going to lose any sleep over this are ya,? I only did it because of your peace necklace…I’m old enough to remember when that actually meant something.”

Using this to remember all the good things in my head: Popcorn saxophone umbrellas tickets shake a leg


I am listening to: A conference call with Magento

I am reading: Twilight book 1

And I am: Peaceful


Anonymous said...

Um... Hedy... um… I just read your post and I was wondering... um... I know you said the shed was finishing up today and I can see that... and well... I was okay with it when you first mentioned it... but... um... I'm doing a little thinking here... you know
2 + 2 and all that... and well... you didn't tell me you were building a shed for your new Snow Leopard!

Come on! I could have accepted yak or an ostrich... hell at this point I’d be happy with a giraffe but you decide it is just fine to go out and get a Snow Leopard?! Come on...

Alright... alright... I’m fine... I’ll deal with it... but come on... come on...


By the way... give Dorothy a huge Birthday hug from me... she fed me when no one else would. She’s a great lady!

Dave said...

Hell I thought you bought the DVD. On the off chance you did versus the scary cat thing, and not be bring you down on the purchase or anything, I got mine today. First, we could have got it, I found out after the fact for ten bucks if we clicked the right page at Second, it takes about an hour or so to load, plan ahead. Thrid, it doesn't seem to be that much faster as I've read in reviews. Fourth, so far the hovering thing on the Dock doesn't seem to be working for me; but, I'm a newbie, I keep trying to turn programs off at the upper right rather than the upper left and look for the time at the lower right rather than the upper right.

Finally, I'm sure there was a black umbrella at the lost and found, did they give it to the person that asked for it?

Susan's Snippets said...


Thanks again for not only the birthday lunch, but more importantly, your friendship and such.

love you much