Friday, April 09, 2010

Good Things Friday - Late Late Edition

Today was the final battle in a life long war against my in-grown toe nails
My doctor puts smileys on the bandages
As in:
Jim the IT guy: "If I was Jim, I'd have Petersoned your ass long ago."
Me: "Petersoned?"
Jim the IT guy: "Yeah, as in Drew and Scott. Petersoned."
I signed up for the Sweetness 5K on June 5
The movie: Sweet Home Alabama
A classic chick movie
Jake (Josh Lucas) is just awesome
Jim making me belly laugh via email today
The word 'putz'
As in, since we have no plans this weekend, I am going to putz around the house
Weather permitting, I will cut the grass for the first time this weekend
I can't WAIT
The movie: He's Just Not That Into You
Great scenes between Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck
Sure wish she could get more roles like that because she's not an idiot
My chiropractor
The user group/meetup I started last month now has 88 members
And people are attending from Minneapolis and Kansas City this month
It's just cool
New song by Pink: Glitter in the Air
It's just beautiful
I am listening to: Pink
I am reading: Nothing
And I am: Relaxed