Friday, April 23, 2010

Good Things Friday - Only If I Have to Edition

This morning I opened a yogurt and SPLAT - it shot out all over my chest.
Not as sexy as it sounds.
Then I opened an orange juice - same thing.
By 10 a.m. I looked like I'd been rolling around in the gutter.
Which also is not as sexy as it sounds.
Anyhow, I'm at work crabby as hell and then the mail came, including a letter from the Make a Wish foundation here in Chicago.
Thanking my company for donating some Bulls tickets a few weeks back.
In it, was another letter from a boy named Tony:

Even though the past two years were the worst days of my life, I have been so fortunate to have so many people reach out and be so kind and thoughtful. I cannot believe that someone would actually give up such good seats to someone they do not even know. Please let them know that I had one of the best days of my life and I was SO GRATEFUL.

I have no idea what this boy's life is like.

But I do know that the petty bullshit-stress-drama-whathaveyou we deal with on a regular basis is nothing compared to the life or death struggles of this kid.

This kid that I don't know. Who had one of the best days of his life because nobody here could use our court side tickets.

An IM from my friend Taxman earlier today
Asking about the Friday blog
And telling me that my former friend Spike called him Hedy Jr.
(which Taxman says he took as a compliment)
Which made me smile
I made Spanish rice last night and it was excellent
My first 5k EVER is this Sunday morning
It is a walk/run
I will be on the walk side of things but this is the first of many races
In which I hope to eventually run
Had a great conversation with my friend Kyra on the way home from work Wednesday night
Found out my parents are going to Hawaii with us for An Extra Special Wedding in November
To have (most) of the people I love the most in my most favorite place on Earth will be unimaginably outstanding
Road the train in with Susan this morning
Went walking with friend/neighbor Debbie two nights this week
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart makes me laugh out loud pretty much every day
Antonio and his crew came this week for the spring yard clean up and it looks OUTSTANDING
Plus, they cut out an area for the vegetable garden I'm planting next month
The research is fun
I cried a little yesterday thinking "Gosh I wish my Grandpa Kammer was here so I could ask him questions about growing a garden. What a great conversation that would be."
It was a sad, totally unexpected cry but took me to some very good memories
I am trying to figure out if his garden was really as big as I remember or if I was just so small
"I'm thinking Blackberry tonight" - email from Jim just now
It'll be three date night Fridays in a row for us
Understanding that some people survive on bullshit alone
And I am not one of them
I am listening to: Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Iz
I am reading: A client case study
And I am: Grateful