Thursday, September 02, 2010

Good Things Friday - Crazy Edition

The Universe has thrown me a bit of curveball
And as of this moment it's heading out of the park
But we'll see
Nothing is certain yet
Gromit, barking at his big pile of barf in the yard
Wednesday night
To let me know he'd been sick
Classic, amazing, smarty pants dog
Jim's garden is bursting with tomatoes
I found the perfect color nail polish
It's by Ulta and it's called Lavendering or something
It's an awesome purple
I am watching The Devil Wears Prada
There is an amazing thunder storm outside
Jim comes home from Australia tomorrow
I miss him
But it's been a pretty good week
A slower pace than usual
The Pillars of the Earth mini series was pretty good
The main character - Tom the Builder - was weak
But otherwise worth watching
Mrs. You Know Who came to get tomatoes today
And checked on Grommie for me
And brought me an awesome yummy dinner
I am unbelievably blessed
I am listening to: Rainy night
I am reading: Outlander - Book II
And I am: A little crazy