Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Things Friday - Mobile Edition

Who knows how this'll come out
I'm on the train
Typing this from my phone
Da's bladder scan was cancer-free again
Now he goes for them every six months instead of quarterly
Quitting cigarettes was the best thing
A lovely drunken dinner at the You Know Who's Saturday night
You know you're good friends when you can talk about anal for nearly an hour
And it wraps up with "Fine. Tonight. Wash."
Speaking of anal, Mr. YKW's deep dive pooper scan was all clear
The jokes on that medical event alone were totally worth the price of admission
So to speak
The Bristol Tap with Judy and Steve Wednesday night
I was super tired from work but thought "we should take every chance we get to be with the people we love"
I am changing the way I think
Tall Ships with the You Know Who's last night
My company's new web site launched early Monday morning
Worked all day Saturday
It felt really really good doing that
The content management system (SilverStripe) is making my life much easier
And fuck .NET Nuke
I'll never use that shit again
I am changing the way I do things
I was never an early bird
Always a late worm
But lately I'm really loving being up and in before everyone else
Less traffic
Fewer people on the train
And I get more done
Also learning that my posture reflects my mood
And simply by pushing my shoulders back and sitting up straight, I feel better
Jim leaves for Sydney Saturday
I love him
But I can't wait for a little quiet alone time
We have a ton of tomatoes from Jim's garden
Unbelievably good BLT's
Or just cut up with a little salt
I am watching people running to catch the train
Glad I'm not them
At Naperville, the train conductor walked over to say hi to two little kids in the back seat of a car dropping off a commuter
The kids grinned and laughed and squirmed in their seats
Something special about trains and little ones
I don't have my laptop this morning because I left it at the office
Knowing it would be a late night and I wouldn't need it
I like not having it
I am listening to: Train sounds
I am reading: Outlander book 2
And I am: Ready