Monday, June 19, 2006


tastes better when you’ve been away for a bit.

Like the bottled water that Sir Richard gave me this morning.

Crisp and clear.
A guy sitting across from me on the train this morning wouldn't stop yapping. So I wrote a bunch on the train, but I'm sorry to report it's mostly crap.

Highlights: Put on some fucking pants. Helmet laws suck but not why you think. You can't outlaw stupidity.

See what I mean? And that was only a taste of crap.
Observation: Women have a reputation for talking too much. But it's mostly men who talk incessantly on their mobile phones in public.
Good news: Sir Richard had some tests and was relieved to learn that there is no mass in his throat as suspected. It remains a mystery why he's coughing/clearing his throat so much, but at least it's not the Worst Possible News.
I am reading: On-line articles about the Clutter family
I am listening to: Wire Train – The Last Perfect Thing
And I am: Back, but not really Here