Friday, June 09, 2006

Songs about ass

Are you on iTunes? Or do you use another program to download and organize your music?

Yesterday I discovered a new way to build play lists.

I was looking for “Here With Me” by Dido, but had a brain fart and couldn’t remember the name of the song or the artist.

For some reason I remembered that “angel” was in the album title (No Angel.) So I plugged that into the search function on iTunes.

Voila! I had every angel-related song from my library:

Calling All Angels by Train
If God Would Send His Angels by U2
Angel by Jimi Hendrix
Angel by Sarah McLachlan
Angel to You, Devil to Me by The Click Five
The Adventure by Angels & Airwaves
Here With Me by Dido
Thank You by Dido
City of Angels (movie soundtrack)

A neat-o new song list.

Try it. Be creative. Use other words or names.

Believe. Bob. Hope.
Ass brought back quite a few because of all the words it is in: classic, passage, massacre, glass, Cassidy, Bassey.

And don’t bother asking.

I have no idea why I tried ass. Really.
Good news: Love came back with more than 60 songs.

Hate? Only four.
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T.J. Engler said...

No song hits that worm spot in my heart quite like this ass track. Just dim the lights, uncork a fine wine, and listen to the romantic story that this dirty south rapper tells (about dancing with a young lady with a large buttocks) Download and enjoy!!!

Juvenile - "Back That Ass Up"

The Dilf said...

I'm Pro Ass!!!