Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday random

“Brad Pitt or Vince Vaughn?”
“Brad for a one-nighter for sure, Vince for long-term.”
This is the kind of silly over-sharing that happens when you’ve spent way too much time with your co-workers.
Three different people tried to walk off with the beanbags from the Baggo set yesterday. They were sitting on the counter. One guy actually made it four booths away before we caught up with him.

What would someone want or do with a little blue beanbag? Didya notice how I didn’t yell this time? It’s Thursday and I’ve been beaten down by the greedy idiot masses.

What is it about trade shows that makes it okay for people to just walk up and grab something off of a counter without asking for it or even looking at you?

Why is socially unacceptable behavior somehow okay at trade shows?
Of course, at this point they can have the goddamn bags, as far as I’m concerned.

They’ve been handled by hundreds of people over the past three days and are germier than the aforementioned Turd Giveaway Concept.
It’s been two chicks versus five guys out here from our company all week. Not great odds. But since most of them have been thinking with their dicks all week, it evened out nicely.

What is it about trade shows that makes it okay for men to act like pigs?

Walking the exhibit hall is like walking through a bad eighties meat market. Guys don’t even try to hide the fact that they’re checking out chicks.

And again, these are professionals. Men who oughtta know better.

Men who would never think of muttering “nice” under their breath if you walked by them in the office.
“Why Vince?” the guys in our group asked last night. “He’s just a big oaf.”

Sure, he looks like an oaf. But he’s smart and funny. The other chick and me explained to the boys that for the long haul, having someone who can make you laugh is key.

Jim made me laugh out loud this morning via e-mail from almost two thousand miles away.

Who the hell needs Vince when I have an oaf of my own waiting for me back home?
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