Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy scrappy fuckity-foo-foo-Friday

Mom & Da are here at least through the weekend and I haven’t spent this much time with them since I moved to Illinois 20 years ago.
The Toyota Prius ads with all the people in the landscape make me inexplicably happy.
Crabtree & Evelyn Nantucket Briar soap makes my skin sooooo soft.
The truck pull last night and the Megasauraus, which ate a car and then set it on fire.
Being called the “Titty Lady” by a bum outside my office.
No potato chips, Doritos or Tostitos for three weeks tomorrow.
President Obama’s speech to the NAACP.
Not living on Facebook so much anymore.
Playing Scrabble with Jim the IT guy via my iPhone.
Oberweis turtle sundaes with butter pecan ice cream.
The ‘slut slippers’ Mom and me bought at the Batavia craft fair last weekend.
Jim’s beer can chicken.
Not reading the news as much as I used to.
You can tell the really hardcore Christians because the crosses around their necks always feature the not-so-Cuddly-Wuddly, but Skinny and Suffering Christ.
My IRA is finally moving in the right direction by a healthy, satisfying amount - hasn’t done that since I can remember.
The chunky yet elegant bracelet Mom made – I’ve worn it two days in a row – my new favorite.
My new shampoo (Leonor Greyl) smells incredible and doesn’t require conditioner.
HedyBlog Mini Quiz:

Which group of words appeals to you more?

Open, creative, progressive, diverse, free.

Exclusive, traditional, consistent, classic, secure.

Just curious.
I am listening to: Talk Dirty to Me – Poison
I am reading: Nothing much
And I am: Thinky


judy said...

Hands down, the first group of words appeals more to me (open, creative, progressive, diverse, free). What does that say about me, Hedy?
P.S. I ALWAYS look forward to your Friday posts!

Joe Biden said...

"We need to spend more to keep from going bankrupt"

Hedy said...

Hey Joe - Not a huge fan of yours (you were the lesser of two evils vs. that rocket scientist Palin). And I sincerely wish you'd work on that whole 'diarrhea of the mouth' thing you've got going, but in this rare instance, you might just be right.

A financial services client of ours has a home-grown mess of an IT system that makes it challenging and costly to a) provide financial reports to its clients and b) identify areas for improvement/innovation. They've got great minds working at this place, but outdated technology supporting them. If they continue with this old system, they will lose customers to their more nimble competitors and eventually go out of business. If they suck it up and spend the money to update the system, it will be a competitive advantage and fuel future growth.

There are myriad other examples of this - spend a little extra on better windows/insulation to save on long-term heating/cooling bills. Spend a little on Viagra to keep your current wife happy so you don't have to spend a lot on a nasty divorce/new hot young wife with higher expectations. You get the picture.

Joe - I'd really like to believe that this is the logic behind that rather ridiculous-sounding statement of yours. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and spend a little money to save/make a little more money down the road. Everyone knows our current healthcare system is broken and it's time to suck it up and make a change. Nobody knows if this administration's plan is going to accomplish that, but I do admire their courage and willingness to take on this project rather than handing it off to the next administration like Bush&Co. did with so many of our biggest most expensive problems.

Anonymous said...

Joe appears to be one of those simple thinkers...
... and you toasted him.