Friday, July 31, 2009

So really

Now, on top of everyone starting sentences with "So...." (17 times in less than 10 minutes during a meeting this week, seriously) I've noticed this other trendy bullshit thing: Really?

Trendy hipsters use "Really?" as a kinder gentler version of "You are so full of shit."

I thought it was just a midwestern thing until it happened in The Hangover last night.

Which is an excellent movie, by the way - right on par with Schindler's List - but it takes place in Vegas with drugs and strippers and whathaveyou.

Anyhow, good things Friday. Yep.

I am cranky today. But I will forge ahead as if my hormones aren't raging like the snows of Capistrano or something.

Here goes:

Going out for a movie with Jim for the first time in over a year.
The Hangover - "I didn't know they gave rings out at the Holocaust"
A quiet day last Sunday - just Jim, Grom and me hanging by the pool all day - can't remember the last time we did that, just us
Pilates on Tuesday
Mom & Da are coming back in August
Work is going exceptionally well - so much is happening it's hard to keep up and I love it
Jim making me laugh on the way to the train this morning even though I didn't feel like it
5 weeks without snack foods - although I broke down and had three pretzels last night so I guess it really hasn't been 5 weeks but fuck you I'm fixin' to bleed and if I WANT TO HAVE A GODDAMN PRETZEL I WILL GODAMMIT.
Got my teeth cleaned this week
Went to the chiropractor too
My soap order arrived from Crabtree & Evelyn (my skin is soooo soft again this morning)
Two white rocking chairs make the front porch look very homey
Assembling said rocking chairs with Jim in the garage last Sunday - we're a good team
Sitting on said rocking chairs with Jim night before last and marveling at the amount of traffic passing by
Road the bus/El all week - only one cab ride for a lunch in the Loop
Playing Scrabble with Nelson and Jim the IT guy via my iPhone (yes, we're still playing)
My new favorite word: ITard (An IT guy who is not very bright)
I'm staying overnight in the city tonight and thinking about going to the Apple store on Michigan avenue to treat myself to a new smallish something
I opened up a separate bank account for myself so that I can live off of an allowance rather than just spending money willy-nilly and wreaking havoc on our finances (yes, this is a very good thing)
So maybe I won't treat myself to a smallish something now that I'm on a budget
Or maybe I'll just use my old debit card One Last Time since the new one hasn't arrived yet
Seeing Susan on the train last night
Knowing my husband and all of our friends will be having a fantastic, fun-filled weekend while I'm sitting in class Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday
Okay this is not a good thing at all (and an ancillary reason for my crankiness) but I'd like to think everyone will miss me
I am listening to: Quiet, quiet office
I am reading: Presentations abstracts for IRCE 2010
And I am: CRANKY


molly gras said...

*stage whisper from left side of Hedy's desk

chocolate, eat the chocolate ... oooh, sooo good the choclate ...
make the crankies go bye-bye


Hedy said...

I am laughing so hard at this. Thank you. YOU make the crankies go bye bye. :)

Dave said...

I have a friend that say "so" instead of "uh" when he needs to think about what he's about to say. I didn't like uh, I like so, so less.

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

Sooooo, about those things you said:

1. "Really" -- blame Saturday Night Live. There's a whole Weekend Update riff they do where someone in the news says something monumentally stupid and Amy Poehller and Seth Meyer rant for a while on the idiocy of what had been said. It's actually funny, in the right hands. Note: teen hipsters are NOT the right hands...

2. Something smallish from Apple store. Don't know what you had in mind, but I picked up a 32GB iPhone 3GS last weekend. So much faster than my first generation. Really!

Barry said...

I want to spread the wealth. Government will take care of you. We know what is best for you.

Susan's Snippets said...

Hedy -

Ditto!! You looked great!!

train fate

Hedy said...

A co-worker says he uses "so" at the beginning of sentences to help with a stuttering problem from childhood. I'm still trying to figure out why everyone else is using it.

And yes, Pos, thinking on the sweet new 3Gs - but all I got was a new Belkin flat black case (sweet!) Friday night. Maybe in the fall. Did you upgrade to the new OS before you got the new phone? I noticed a little jump in performance with that but am still coveting the new one.

Also, Mrs. Pos is hilarious. I am still laughing at her "make the crankies go bye-bye" comment. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

I hate when psuedo-intellectuals use the phrase "sort of"
Just say what you mean and stop with the 'sort of's"... fucking idiots!