Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Things Friday - Friday Edition

Had an incredible time with the P's, who returned home Monday
What a blessing those two are
Had an incredible time with Jim in the city last Thursday/Friday
Willis (Sears) Tower SkyDeck
Double decker bus tour
Sea Dog boat ride
Air & Water show practice day
An awesome 36-hour vacation in Chicago
Went to the Batavia Fart in Your Eye festival with Mom on Saturday
For about 30 minutes
The heat was suffocating
So we bought some pottery and left
So many of my friends/family donated to The Enterprising Kitchen
Very cool
Dinner with the You Know Who's Wednesday night at the Gazebo in Geneva
A nice place - good food, great outdoor view on the Fox River
Horrible mosquitos
I have mastered potato salad
Date night last night
It was a hot August night 20 years ago
When we went on our first 'date'
'Date' = the co-workers who were supposed to meet us didn't show
And that night changed my life
So I celebrated with a Long Island Iced Tea
Which was horrible
But the rest of the night was lovely
Heading out to the Sycamore Speedway
For a little Redneck Racing
Can't wait
And finally, I figured out the best response to that infernal "Why don't you have children?" question:
It's none of your fucking business
"Oh, I don't know, why did you HAVE children?"

The folks most interested in why we're not having children
Are the same people who spent little time considering why they should have children
I am listening to: Train - Drops of Jupiter
I am reading: Outlander - awesome series
And I am: Fabulous