Friday, August 06, 2010

Good Things Friday - Lesbian Dinosaur Edition

I just ate a banana
It was fabulous
And not at all sexy
Speaking of sexy, though, Jim 'n me celebrated 12 years of marriage last night
Went to Gibson's, as is our tradition
And ran into Lou Piniella in the bar
He's really a sweetheart
He let us buy him a drink
Grey Goose Martini with regular olives
We did not get autographs/pictures
Just couldn't do it
Because a) we're not true Cubs fans (being geeks and all)
and b) I'm not a huge fan of asking people I don't know for things
Speaking of asking for things
I really need your help
I'm on the board of The Enterprising Kitchen, a fabulous non-profit organization here in Chicago
We hire motivated, low-income women who have had difficulty finding employment to produce soaps, spa products, and gift baskets. Most importantly, we provide job, computer, and life skills training during their 6 months in the program as we strive to place them in permanent jobs elsewhere.
That's their pitch, btw
But here's the key point: Harris Bank has offered to match every donation made in the month of August
So contact me if you'd like to make a donation
And if you don't have my contact info, just leave a comment here and we'll figure it out
What I like most about The Enterprising Kitchen is that it's actually helping improve the lives of real women
Providing education and training so they can find work
And we all know the value of educating women
Plus it's a LOCAL charity - for those of you who complain about how much people need help right here in the United States, this is your chance to help out
Mom 'n Da are here and it's awesome
It's been great, soaking up all this day-to-day stuff I don't get because I live far away
We're going to North Aurora Days tonight for the emergency vehicle parade
Always a hoot
Had a glorious time in Lake Geneva last weekend with the P's and the You Know Who's
My new favorite joke: What do you call a lesbian dinosaur? Lickalottapus
I am listening to: Sugar Ray - When It's Over
I am reading: Dragonfly in Amber by Diana G.
And I am: Relaxed