Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good Things Friday – Thursday Edition

Jim’s coming to the city today – I leave the office at noon
And then we’re tourists for the next 36 hours
Double decker bus tour
Glass balcony at Willis Tower
Maybe a bike ride
A little bit of Navy Pier
A boat ride on Lake Michigan
An overnight stay
Then tomorrow morning, we’re on the beach watching the practice day for the Chicago Air & Water Show
Plus heartfelt thanks to all of my friends and family who helped out The Enterprising Kitchen
I always knew I had awesome friends but your support has been overwhelming and I’m beyond grateful
The new iPhone arrived this week
It is zippity-do-da FAST
Still drops calls like a motherfucker
But I don’t talk much on the damn thing anyhow
Multi-tasking is very nice
Had an awesome Sunday with Judy & Steve, my P's and the You Know Who's
Cookout, pool, a little pig and dog basketball and lots of laughs
It's cool because my P's say we're blessed with great friends
And our friends say we're blessed with great P's
Speaking of great P's: Mom & Da are still here!
They've stayed nearly three weeks and like Mom says:
It’s been one of the best vacations EVER
Went to the Bristol Tap with them last night
Followed by Turtle Sundaes at Oberweis
We haven’t spent this much time together since summers during college
It’s been lovely and I will cry (a lot) when they leave
Have a great weekend people, stay cool
I am listening to: Steal My Sunshine - Len
I am reading: Outlander series
And I am: Excited