Monday, August 14, 2006

Foiled again

You hold the thin bar in your hand – it’s a perfect, unchangeable, delicious little marvel.

Under the wrapper, you can feel the ridges that make it easy to break it into bite-size pieces. You tear off the paper sleeve. You open the foil and smell the fresh chocolate.

Opening the damn thing was half the pleasure of having that rare Hershey bar.

But no more.

Hershey bars are no longer wrapped in foil. I discovered this last night.

Another one of life’s little joys crushed under the relentless march of Progress. Hershey bars in foil have gone the way of drinking Coke out of a glass bottle or keeping your Band-Aids in a nifty little tin.

It’s all cardboard and plastic now. And it’s depressing.
So when the hell did that happen? Tells you how long it’s been since I’ve had a good old-fashioned Hershey bar. Which is a good thing, I suppose.

But still.
When I realized that Band-Aids were switching from those nostalgic tins with the snappy lids to cardboard containers, I had the wherewithal to save one.

Now all of my new Band-Aids are transferred over to the old tin so I can experience a bit of my childhood when I need one.

Of course, they did away with the little red string you used to open the individual bandages, but I’m okay with that because it rarely worked well anyway.

See, I’m okay with progress as long as it’s an improvement.

But Coke just tastes better from a glass bottle. And my Band-Aid tin is more durable than those silly boxes.
Where the hell have you been, Heather?

Lamenting the whole cardboard and plastic thing is so 90’s.

I know, it’s not like this is new.

But I really miss that foil. And you know what?

That Hershey bar didn’t taste quite as good as I remember.
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