Friday, September 15, 2006

Good things

I am sipping cranberry juice waiting for the conference to begin.

Cranberry juice is a good thing.

For some reason I don’t think about drinking any juice, ever. But there’ve been carafes of it at the breakfast buffet here two days in a row.

It’s delicious. Cold and fresh and (apparently) very good for my kidneys.

Right now, my glass of cranberry juice is half full.
Speaking of glasses that are half full, tonight Jim and I are bartenders.

No, we’re not leaving the thrilling world of high tech marketing to open a neighborhood bar & grill.

We’re volunteering to pour beers at the 7th Annual DANK Oktoberfest in Elgin, Illinois.

It’s a blast. So much more fun than marketing.
More good things:

Watching thunderstorms roll in from the screened porch
A Mom who calls you Cupcake because “Who doesn’t love a cupcake?”
Napping next to Gromit with his soft ear flopped over my ankle
Reef flip-flops
Cutting the grass
Old friends who know everything about you and still love you
The Underground on Showtime
L’Occitane lavender soap
Neil Steinberg in today’s Chicago Sun-Times
A debit card for the parking lot so I no longer need quarters
A husband who tells you you’re pretty every day, not just when you’re PMS’ing
I do this silly little mind-game when I’m feeling kinda down on myself.

Some folks call it counting your blessings. I just write out a Good Things List.

I don't know why, but it seems like it's much easier for people to focus on the negative things in their lives. Life could be great -- we could have the world by the short hairs -- and we'd still focus on that one little thing that isn't quite going our way.

That's why I keep a Good Things list. It reminds me that life is so good.
People ask you for a beer. You give it to them.

There’s nothing political about it. There’s no strategy and no spin. There’s no need for a web site, a white paper or a press release.

There’s no convincing anyone that they really need a beer -- they already know that.

It’s beer. It’s a good thing.

And for one night, once a year it’s our good thing.
I am listening to: People talking quietly in the hotel lobby
I am reading: A friend’s thoughts on Keith Olbermann’s 9/11 commentary
I am: Good


the dilf said...

I love Good Things....
-Seinfeld...the AssMan
-A College Campus on Game Day
-the Friday Ride Home
-Fantasy Football..sounds gay, but it's a riot..breaks up the week
-Food...when you're just starving
-Hedy...I'll have a cold Bud Light
-My all-world high school athleticism
-Slapshot...the movie
-oh...and don't forget Milfs...Love the MILFS

Hedy said...

Mmmm...HDTV. Forgot about that one. And of course, comments from the dilf!