Thursday, September 14, 2006

Trade show

It's 10:10 a.m. and already my feet hurt.

It's all the same faces wearing different logo shirts standing in front of different booths. I've been doing this way too long.

As a marketing chick, I should like trade shows -- it's an opportunity to reach a lot of potential clients in a short timeframe. The best part is talking with the people who stop by the booth.

But I get tired of all the blah blah.

In fact, it's only been a few hours but being here has effectively squelched any ounce of creativity I had to spare this morning.

I'm sitting on a couch in the lobby because the wireless access is better here.

Five people I know have stopped by in the past 15 minutes. Two sat down to chat.

I am trying very hard to look Serious and Busy to discourage these types of interruptions but it's clearly not working.

And so, neither am I. Working, that is.
I am listening to: Conversations about PeopleSoft implementations & upgrades
I am reading: The session schedule
And I am: Jaded