Friday, September 29, 2006

How are you?



Doing well, thanks.

Maybe you get a “great” once in a while.
“I’m actually kinda constipated today, Bob, but thanks for asking.”

That’s what I’d like to hear.

Let’s inject a little honesty into our benign daily pleasantries.

It would certainly make things more interesting.
How am I?

Mildly irritated right now.

Mostly because I’m in a meeting that holds very little value to me.

Plus, there was a guy sitting thisclose to me up until about 10 minutes ago who always makes a point to stare at my laptop screen, making it very difficult for me to surf the Internet or write this blog or work on other Very Important Stuff.

My stomach’s a little grumbly right now because I had a handful of peanuts for lunch yesterday and three Michelob Ultras for dinner last night.

And I had to drive into the city today, which always makes me surly.
Did you really wanna know that? Would it have been better if I’d said “I’m fine”?

So how are you today, really?
I am listening to: Bi-weekly sales meeting
I am reading: The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant
And I am: Mildly irritated


the dilf said...

Actually I'm doing "Great".....C'mon's FRIIIIIIDAY... how can you not be excited for the weekend???..No Idiot colleagues for 2 whole days!..have you looked at the weather??'s supposed to be tremendous outside this weekend...I cant wait for the "Friday ride Home"..nothing is better.....Golf, Football, free Beer at a wedding,(and they need a server!!!!),and afterward, Romper Room with the old lady!!!!! just doesnt get any better...Remember, Life is much more fun when you Go For It!...We're closing in on middle age and We have to enjoy it NOW, cuz it can end in a blink.
I am listening to:Led Zeppelin "Achilles Last Stand" of the all-time greatest songs!
I am Reading:"The Third Twin"...Ken Follett...fantastic
And I am: Wound Up!

Hedy said...

You're RIGHT, Mr. Dilf! Thanks for attitude adjustment. Sounds like you're about to have a much better weekend than mine, 'bout I come visit? :)