Monday, December 29, 2008

Detroit: We Don’t Do That

“This doesn’t look good,” says Jim.

We’d been westbound on I-94 maybe 20 minutes when suddenly it was nothing but brake lights ahead.

This is not good any time, of course, but especially at 11 a.m. on a Sunday.

Something big was happening.

We slowed down and waited. After a bit, we started inching forward again and I could see that everyone was merging to the right – serious merging – all the way off the road merging.

Something big indeed.

At least two feet of water across all eight lanes – east and west bound. Idiots driving through the deepest parts. All of us bright (scared) folks waiting our turn to ride up the curb/embankment.

“I’m dialing 911,” I say. “It’s obvious this didn’t just happen but there’s no one here directing traffic. The road should be closed.”



“Thank you for calling Detroit 9-1-1. All of our operators are busy right now. Please hold for the next available operator.”

I wait. For what seems like forever but was probably a minute at most. Good thing I wasn’t having a stroke or coronary or something really important.

“Detroit 9-1-1 how can I help you?”

“There’s deep standing water across all of I-94 just north of exit 220.”

“I’ll transfer you to the State police.”



“State police are you reporting an accident?”

“No, there’s deep standing water across all of I-94 just north of exit 220.”

“We don’t do that. We’ll notify MDOT.”

We don’t do that?


There’s a hazardous situation on a major state road and “We don’t do that”?

Gotta love Detroit.
I am listening to: CNN on the office TV
I am reading: Nothing, still basking in the glow of Between the Bridge and the River by Craig Ferguson
And I am: Not surprised, sadly enough


Susan's Snippets said...

Hedy - I LOVE that all the morons are in charge!

Last Friday I tried to contact the Village of North Aurora after getting a frantic call from Anna saying that while driving to work she hit a huge pothole and also saw two cars pulled over after the pothole with flat tires.

So not knowing exactly what to do - I decided to dial 411 to get the Village of North Aurora's phone conversation with the 411 operator went like this...

Me: Hello. I need the phone number for the Village of North Aurora, North Aurora, Illinois.

Her: Sorry, there is no listing for the Village of North Aurora.

Me: There has to be a number for it....I am driving thru the town right now.

Her: Well, maybe they decided not to put their number in directory assistance.

Me: What...are you kidding?

Her: You can speak to my supervisor...hold on.

Supervisor: May I help you?

Me: Yes, I am looking for the Village of North Aurora's phone number and the other operator told me that you don't have it.

Supervisor: Hold on....(long wait)....then "here is the number for the Village of North Aurora, North Aurora IlliNOISE."

Me said: Thank you.

Me thought: What a couple of complete idiots!

Glad to read you made it safely to MI and back.

with a cookie snack