Tuesday, December 23, 2008

He knows

Gromit knows all about presents.

As soon as a few wrapped gifts appeared under the tree, he was all over 'em, sniffing and pawing and barking.

Of course, Gromit -- Brilliant and Gifted Dog -- quickly ascertained there was nothing under the tree for him quite yet, and this was the face we got:

"Where the hell are MY presents?"
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And I am: Sleepy


Anonymous said...

Handsome and sensetive... who needs presents when you already have the whole package.


Anonymous said...

What? That's how dog's spell sensitive!? Sheesh..


miss kitty said...

My masters (which is a joke because I am the MASTER of my domain) only put presents for me under the tree.

Good luck dog.


molly gras said...

BTW - I really LOVE your dog! It makes me want to scratch him on his belly and play fetch with him!