Friday, March 06, 2009

Hippy Skippy Friday

“Are you excited?” asks Jim.

“I’m nervous. I love him. What if he’s an asshole?”

“It’ll make you appreciate me that much more, won’t it?”
Topping off this week’s list of good things:

We’re going to see my boyfriend Craig Ferguson at the Genesee Theater in Waukegan tonight. Wesley from the Train inspired me to bring a copy of Craig’s book and a Sharpie in hopes of catching an autograph. And perhaps a photo. Confession: I really hope he grabs my ass.

Other good things from the week:

Suze and me had a fabulous time on Longboat Key. I’m still giggling over the sight of her sipping a small leftover bottle of Riesling out of her sweatshirt as we’re heading to the airport with the top down.

I’m a hippy today for less than $20: I am wearing a $3 mood ring and a $12 shiny silver peace necklace from a shop in St. Armand’s Circle.

The necklace came with earrings - I can’t wear ‘em – and they looked great on Suze.

We’re second row center for Craig. It will take every tattered remnant of my self-control to keep from throwing my bra/undies/self on the stage. Really.

I am learning about the wondrous power of keeping silent.

There are specks of sand trapped in my phone case.

I was in Florida the same time as Molly and Pos. Even though we didn’t have the opportunity to connect, it felt good having them so close.

It’s sunny and warm here today and I’m wearing favorite spring jacket.

Dave over at Rather Than Working wrote a lovely piece about the gay marriage madness in California. Please read it.

Mrs. You Know Who made dinner for us Wednesday after our visit with the Taxman. It was wonderful as always.

You Know Who came through knee surgery just fine and was a veritable hoot, whacked out on red wine and Vicodin.

Apparently the surgery made his ‘dong longer and thicker’ – which is a real blessing for Mrs. YKW, who has suffered long enough.

Jim made spicy grilled chicken tacos last night and they were outstanding.

The 11 bus was waiting for me twice this week.

We are starting to plan my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday in October.

I did not work out this week but Suze and me did a fast walk on the beach for 45 minutes each morning.

Laughing so hard we got bellyaches over neckties for dogs at Wet Nose in St. Armand’s.

Knowing that a former friend is still at the same phone number and doing GREAT.
I am listening to: Keep Me in Your Heart - Jorge Calderon
I am reading: Content for a new commerce site
And I am: Yippy Hippy Skippy


You Know Who said...

turns out my dong remains unchanged, and the earlier claim to the contrary was probably just the meds talking.

Dave said...

Thanks Hedy.