Friday, March 13, 2009

It is Friday after all

So if I was going to piss and moan, this would be the week.

Jim's on the other side of the planet again (South Korea then Australia) and I've had various events/activities in the city every single night. No train, so no posts. Sorry, kiddies.

Anyhow. It is Friday after all, so I'll dispense with the p&m and focus on the good stuff:

On this day 66 years ago, my Da was born.
He got another clean bill of health from the doctor - everything benign and wonderful.
Bridget Jones' Diary - Renee looks so much happier as a chubby girl.
Snagged the spot with the broken meter right out front of my office yesterday.
Gromit does this yodeling thing when he's happy to see me.
"Why don't you go shopping this weekend?"
The refrigerator is working again.
Three up days for the Dow.
Re-connecting with more old classmates on Facebook.
The refrigerator is squeaky clean, too.
Meeting Craig Ferguson and getting his autograph (I couldn't speak; it was very embarrassing + depressing but that's a story for a non-Friday).
Clean house heading into the weekend
Billy Squier - Rock Me Tonite
Jim's new mobile takes international calls
I can burn all the lavender incense I want this week without giving Jim an asthmatic fit.
I threw together a last-minute PowerPoint deck that rocked
'Mr. Darcy'
Really really really working on a screenplay/story finally (maybe that's why no posts, too).
I'm reading over this out loud with a British accent
C'mon, do it -- throw on your best Monty Python and read aloud with me
Bowling a 52 and not winning the prize for worst bowler
I am listening to: Bridget Jones' Diary
I am reading: Nothing at the moment
And I am: 'Going to Bedfordshire'


molly gras said...

I absolutely adore Bridget ... we should all embrace our inner (and for most of us, our outer!) chubby girl!

Rock on busy pal!


and I thought you were still in Florida losing your top somewhere fun.

Keep up the screenplay..I promise not to act like an ass when I ask for your autograph..okay, I probably will. want to join me for drinks prior to meeting DOOCE at Borders in a few weeks?

Bring Susan..:)

Enjoy your lavender..

ever add vanilla to it?