Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The OH NO dudes

So we met with this tech firm the other day to talk about 'partnership' opportunities.

It's been happening a lot lately - with mixed results. With some of them, you just know it's not going anywhere. Some show actual promise.

And then Monday, the OH NO dudes came to visit. Nice people. Sharp. I am still coveting their sublimely elegant PowerPoint deck.

They had me.

Then they explained their company name.

And they lost me.

"The letters on each end represent the cyclical nature of what we do, see?"


And if you take those letters away, you've got 'ONO' in the middle, which sounds an awful lot like OH NO, which is pretty much the last thing you want to hear some high-priced consultant say at the beginning, middle, or end of your IT project.

There's clever and then there's c'mon, get a grip.
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And I am: More of an oh yes type of girl


molly gras said...

sounds like these letter diddling dudes have too much time on their hands ...