Monday, March 16, 2009

What would Scottie do?

I could make what’s happening all about me.

In fact, like a selfish idiot, I did. Numbing myself all weekend with silly mindless movies and chips and French onion dip and shoe shopping and margaritas.

But now it’s Monday and today it’s all about WWSD.

What would Scottie do?

When things take a turn for the worse (like they did late last Thursday), Scottie doesn’t drink or eat too much or check out with books and movies.

He works. His ass off.

It’s his refuge. It’s how he hangs on to what’s left of normal when life takes him far from it.

For example, when skin cancer and pneumonia nearly killed him a few years ago – and he spent weeks in and out of the hospital – Scottie still had his best sales quarter ever.

It’s what he does.

So it’s what I’m doing this week.

While he’s soaking up precious time with his wife and two young sons and ‘getting his affairs in order’ and doing what you do to prepare for brain surgery to remove a cancerous lesion the Gamma knife didn’t get, I’ll be working my ass off.

Because it’s what my good friend Scottie would do.
I am listening to: Nothing
I am reading: Nothing
And I am: Hanging on to normal


Posol'stvo the Medved said...

Good luck, Scottie. I wish you well.

Hedy - remember, everyone manages crisis in their own ways. Scottie's is not necessarily more healthy.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts & prayers are with Scottie.

molly gras said...

I ditto Pos's sentiments ...

and you hang in there.


best of luck to your friend Scottie. and hope the support is strong for his wife and kids.