Friday, May 08, 2009

Good things Friday

Confession: It doesn’t feel like Good Things Friday.

It feels like We Still Don’t Know What the Fuck is Going on With Our Puppy Friday.


The best time to count our blessings is when we’re filled with fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Right?

So let’s forge ahead as if all is right with the world.

My good friend Judy, who listened to me blubber and let me blow snot on her shoulder after hearing all the (potentially) awful news about Grom
ALL of our good friends who expressed care and concern here and in the ‘real’ world
A veterinarian who takes 20 minutes with you on the phone explaining what happened during the scope/biopsy procedure
Grommie is a smiley dog once again but we don’t know if it’s because of the prednisone shot or because he’s actually feeling better…we’ll know the prognosis today hopefully
A very good date night with Jim at El Taco Grande
Still looking forward to – and loving – dinner conversation with your spouse
Dinner with Mr. & Mrs. You Know Who Last Night
Laughing again about my impromptu and inexplicable imitation of Gilbert Godfrey the last time we were up at the lake
Planning our next trip to the lake
Being more present – even while doing mundane things
A very productive week
Dancing every Tuesday night
Not stressing about what to wear anymore
Being blessed with the ability to recognize the truth in both people and situations
Finally wearing the sandals I bought back in March
Jim is not losing his job (as we momentarily feared due to a poorly-worded e-mail from his boss)
In fact, they’re un-shelving a product once deemed too expensive to support – a product that no one else offers in his market – and this means nothing but good things for him and his division
Resisting the profound urge to punch the woman next to me on the train who has been babbling non-stop into her phone for nearly an hour – way to go, me!
Watching Twister with Jim – a Springtime tradition
Inspiring someone to dance on the El platform earlier in the week
Downloading the song in my head from iTunes to my phone
Dancing on the Quincy El platform to the song that was in my head
Losing 5 lbs. this week
Neil Steinberg commented on my Facebook status so I know he’s listening
The trees and the flowers are bursting
Being able to tell your boss you're 15 minutes late because you danced on the El train platform
My all-time favorite view: Looking out to the backyard and seeing Jim and Grommie together on the lounge chair
I am listening to: Let's Groove - Earth, Wind & Fire
I am reading: Nothing
And I am: Sweaty


molly gras said...

so the dancing thing ... what WAS the tune?

Hedy said...

It was Let's Groove by Earth, Wind and Fire - fabulous to for shaking your ass. :)

molly gras said...


now, if I may ask, what was your famous Facebook status?

Hedy said...

Hi Molly and Happy Mother's Day! I hope you're doing all of your favorite things today and that Pos and the kids are taking good care of you. My facebook status was: Ever have a dream (good or bad) that screwed with your whole day? That's where I am. Tornados. And Steinberg replied about a dream he'd had the night before about drowning. It was cool. xoxo.

molly gras said...

tornados ... that's so interesting because our youngest has an irrational fear of tornados and we don't even live near the "alley" (I attribute it to him watching too much Nature Channel; I always knew science would be the source of all that is phobic and evil ...! ;-)