Friday, May 22, 2009

Good things Friday

Last weekend in Michigan with Mom, Da, Eric & Rudy - wonderful.
We live in the best country on the planet protected by amazing men and women willing to give up their lives for our freedom.
Mowed the lawn for the first time last Sunday.
Mistyped Google this morning and found Booble.
I've worn sandals all week.
We are blessed with so many wonderful friends.
We're attending Justin's commencement ceremony on Sunday.
Made dinner for Jim last night - my specialty - Sloppy Joes.
Grommie went swimming yesterday for the first time.
Sycamore Speedway tonight with Susan, Keith, Judy & Steve - a fantastic way to kick off summer.
I'm not writing - completely uninspired right now - but am okay with it for once.
A co-worker's boyfriend accepted a job offer yesterday.
Sold the motorcycle Wednesday - Craig's List is a beautiful thing.
Looking forward to playing in the dirt with Jim all weekend.
The last bit of furniture Jim bought with his starter wife will be leaving the house tomorrow.
A fresh keg of Miller High Life arrives today and the Hula Lounge is officially open - c'mon over!
I am listening to: Let's Groove - Earth, Wind & Fire
I am reading: The Well and the Mine by Gin Phillips
And I am: F.I.N.E.



I love your hula lounge.

hope you had a nice time at the tracks..
:) glad Gromit is feeling better and you're in a good place.

vrroom bye bye old furnishings. :)

molly gras said...

I'll be there at 4:00! It's grass skirt optional, right?!