Monday, May 04, 2009

A small favor

Grommie Dog is in for a stomach scope and biopsy at noon. Please send warm healing thoughts and prayers for our guy today.


molly gras said...

I'm thinking about him right now and all my positive thoughts are streaming through this Northeast rain and flying your way ...

best of luck :)

miss kitty said...

Okay, Okay...quit tugging at my little, dainty kitty heartstrings!!

I am sending up big prayers for that dumb dog to start feeling better right away!

And when he out..I am coming over there and giving him a "Miss Kitty" run for the money!

At which point I will prove to him once again...that we still rule!

meow meow meow
(which if dogs were smart enough to translate "kitty speak" they would know that means "I love you"

fermicat said...

Awww, the cats and I hope it turns out to be nothing serious and that Grommit will feel better soon. Good luck, Groms!

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

Poor Grommie. Positive kharma coming your way -- from me and Max, and I talked to Rufus, my dad's black lab, and he's sending warm fuzzy bunny chasing thoughts your way too.

Hope all goes well.