Monday, May 11, 2009

Grommie is GREAT

All the biopsies came back clear! YAYYYYYYYY!

He has inflammatory bowel disease and it will be treated with a special prescription dog food and steroids (for a while).

Thanks again for your care and concern for our guy. Love & hugs.


Susan's Snippets said...

Hedy -

Celebrate good times, come on!

It's a celebration!!

quadruple elation

Anonymous said...

And the steroids will help me hit more home runs this year. Phew...
...thanks for taking care of me Hedy! You and Jim are the BESTEST!


fermicat said...

Yippee!!! Good for Gromit.

Silvio says to tell Grommie that only the most specialist pets get to eat the special expensive pet food like he does. Enjoy!

molly gras said...

Grommie needs to lay off the tree bark ... obviously added too much roughage to his diet!



yes. Awesome! I see that he's back here too! Thank GOODNESS!
Grommit, I've got IBS and know the discomfort,'re lucky though..when you have to go you'll be able to squat and go..

feel better hurts when the poops ready to release and you're not. :)

miss kitty said...

Maybe if that dog kept himself as clean as us kitty’s do, he would not have bad belly issues!

But bottomfeline…..I am so glad to hear that he is on the mend...I was having weird feelings over the thought of NEVER teasing him again...(similar to the feelings I get as I cough up a hairball!).

So for now....

Meow, big dumb dog, Meow! (which in Kittyspeak means “I MIGHT care about you!”)

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

Yay. That'll make the top ten news items of the week.

wafelenbak said...

Aw, punkin.
So glad to hear!!


How's he doing this week?