Friday, May 01, 2009

Good things Friday

Bulls win in double triple OT
A pre-haircut scalp massage
Talking about The Shack with Mom & Da
I'm no longer drinking Diet Pepsi - just water
Washed down all the cupboards in the kitchen last Saturday morning
Being blessed with too much work
Re-connecting with Mary, Alison, and Dennis and helping out with web 2.0 stuff
Down 4 lbs. since Monday
Wearing the peace necklace I got with Susie in Long Boat Key
Nelson & Kyra are visiting for a weekend in June
The commute was a breeze for some reason this morning
Dinner at The Bristol Tap with Steve & Judy - sure love you guys
Jessica the Vet Tech, caring for our sad, sick Grommie Dog
I am listening to: Keep Me in Your Heart - Jorge Calderon
I am reading: Neil Steinberg in Sun-Times
And I am: Wishing for just one good thing today - a healthy dog


Anonymous said...

Wishing for just one good thing today - a healthy dog

Me too Hedy... me too. I sure like Jessica... she pokes me in all the right places...

(getting better soon)

molly gras said...

Whoa! What's up with Grommie the Wonder Dog?! Did he sniff the wrong butt or nibble on some bad pork? Have you've got any updates on the ole' guy for your "waiting with bated breath" audience?

Inquiring pet owners need to know ...

Hedy said...

Thank you for your concern, Molly.

Grommie hasn't had anything to eat (and barely any water) since Saturday night. He's listless and sad-looking and the vet is having trouble figuring out why - he's had tons of tests (blood, x-ray, ultrasound, today it's a barium test) but everything looks fine.

Grommie loves to eat but now he won't even look at this favorite foods (Cheerios, crackers). We're very worried about him...he's our guy.

So keep a good thought for him today and here's hoping that we'll figure it out soon. Love & hugs.

Dave said...

Nothing funny to say, get well soon Grom.


ohhh Gromit, feel better soon!!!!