Friday, July 23, 2010

Good Things Friday - Bending the Truth Edition

Susie was here for a long weekend - it was lovely, catching up and shopping and laughing
Discovered a new cheap yet delicious wine: Barefoot Shiraz ($5 at Walmart)
Got an owl necklace similar to this one for $3.80 at Forever 21
Never would've gone in there if it weren't for Susie
Managed to escape without feeling old
Mom & Da are coming this weekend
Life is just good when they're here
Corbin's big 50th birthday party is tonight
It's a 70s theme party
I don't have a costume
But I'm going braless
The only fitting tribute to that decade I can muster
Since I was in elementary school for most of it
Made employee of the week again on Monday
It was surprising since I felt like I was just doing my job
But it's nice regardless
Jim and I went to the Blackberry Inn Wednesday night
Then a long, zippy drive on the farm roads west of town
It was awesome
It's like pushing the reset button on my soul
Sold my MacBook Air last night via Gazelle
Enough cash to get an iPad
Feel pretty confident in my stance that starting a business relationship (hell, any relationship) with a lie is not good
And have given up arguing the point
Although it is unbelievably disappointing, given the people with whom I'm arguing
Sometimes it's more powerful to be quietly right
I've taken to drinking SlimFasts in the morning
Having something, anything for breakfast is good for you
I knew this, but it was Susie who reminded me
And I am better for it
As I always am, after her visits
She is the one who suggested breast reduction surgery years ago
She helps with learning how to shop
"Look at the price tag before you like it too much."
"Go to the sale racks first."
Anyhow, have a good weekend people and try to be kind (and honest) with each other
I am listening to: I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
I am reading: Outlander by Diana Gaboldan or something
And I am: Disappointed