Friday, July 30, 2010

Good Things Friday - Trashy Novel Edition

Mom & Da are here
So I'm soaking of the 'everyday-ness' of it
Since I don't get to see them this much ever
It's lovely and relaxing
"If we were any more relaxed we'd be dead." - Da
I'm reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
It's a totally trashy historical novel
About a time traveling WW2 nurse
And a kilt-wearin' Scot named Jamie
It's short on history and long on trashy
With lots of thrusting and bodices and dirks and whathaveyou
Can't imagine what I'd do if some charming 18th century Scottish brut asked me to meet him in the stables at noon
Who the hell am I kidding?
I know exactly what I'd do
SlimFast Rich Chocolate Royale is delicious
Went to dinner with the You-Know-Who's Wednesday night
Ordered my new iPhone
It'll be here August 18
Sold my Mac Air
The check will go towards an iPad
Attended my very first board meeting Tuesday night
And immediately wished I'd paid more attention to the parliamentary procedures part
Of whatever that class was in high school
I remember someone I didn't know very well
Calling it parli-pro
And thinking a) she's such a smarty pants and b) Woop di freakin' do
Anyhow it's never too late to regret something you did (or didn't do) in high school
Dave's column on immigration law at Rather Than Working
It's fantastic
Because no one ever talks about the employers hiring "illegals"
And why don't we have a disparaging/vaguely racist name for them?
Went to Corbin's 50th birthday party last Friday
People wore crazy 70s costumes
I'd forgotten about the white tube socks with stripes
And the curling iron induced 'flip' hairdo
"If it doesn't make sense, it's probably not true."
Finding new music from my cousins via Facebook
Like this one: The Conversation
I am listening to: Conversations about projects
I am reading: About Jamie the hot highlander
And I am: Relaxed