Thursday, July 01, 2010

Good Things Friday - Peacocky Edition

A peacock lived across the street from us when we were little kids
It was sort of a mini-farm with a couple of ponies, too
And other small animals I can't recall
Mom told us the peacock was saying "My Eye! My Eye!" when it would make its loud peacocky noises at night
Yesterday morning I woke up with a huge gross broken blood vessel in my eye (My Eye!)
It aches a little
My official story is "You should see the other c*nt."
Thanks to Jim the IT Guy for that one
I'm still laughing over the fact that I'm c*nt #1 in this 2-c*nt scenario
Eric is here again - another 24 hour visit on his way home from his cross-country road trip
He's got a lot of great stories about his trip
Mostly involving women of all walks who really like dirty, rough-looking biker dudes
Including at least one 80-ish chick
Eric reminded me that (at the house across from the peacock) we pressed our hands into the fresh cement floor of the barn
Built by Da and other family members back in the mid-70's
I forgot about that
He went there and showed it to the home's new owner
And said "That's my hand, I'm Eric"
Very cool
Saw a couple of satellites while looking up at the stars last night
By the fire
It was a very good night
A young person blew a stop sign and my dad was in a car accident yesterday afternoon - he's okay, just very sore
And pissed off that his car is totaled
Why is this good news?
Because he's okay
It could've been way worse
I was nominated to the board of a local charity
It was kinda cool - they actually read my resume and liked it
My resume is updated for 2010
It feels good but is rather odd since I'm used to updating it when I'm looking for a new job
Which I'm not
My boss told the team in our status on Monday that the company is at 83% of our revenue goal for the year
It's likely we'll be at 100% by the end of July
The rest of the year is big fat icing on a rather delicious and fun cake
So yes, still warm and yummy feelings for my job after two years (on June 18)
Speaking of cake, it feels like I'm losing weight
Happens every summer
More moving, less eating
Finished reading Pride & Prejudice last week
Such a fabulous story - and so very laugh out loud funny
Off to breakfast with Eric now
Have I mentioned he's awesome?
Have a great holiday weekend, everyone
And remember with all the fireworks, food and fun
Living here with all this glorious freedom is a privilege, not a right
I am listening to: Collective Soul - The World I Know
I am reading: Nothing right now but contemplating the Outlander series
And I am: So happy and relaxed I could cry