Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Susan-worthy sidewalk snippet

Dashing through Union Station last night to catch the 5:49 and I am stuck next to this guy, who is wearing a blue suit and walking very slowly:






derivative |diˈrivətiv|
(typically of an artist or work of art) imitative of the work of another person, and usually disapproved of for that reason : an artist who is not in the slightest bit derivative.
• originating from, based on, or influenced by : Darwin's work is derivative of the moral philosophers.
• [ attrib. ] (of a financial product) having a value deriving from an underlying variable asset : equity-based derivative products.
Somehow I don’t think this guy got hammered out of hatred for some Warhol wanna-be.
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Susan said...

Ironically I blogged a "non-snippet" today...so thanks Hedy for carrying the torch!!

My first thought is maybe he was imitating our beloved Chicago ex-anchorman, Walter Jacobson, who just got his second DUI....

what a guy

Posolxstvo I said...

Could he have just failed a calculus test? It was always limits that messed me up, but I suppose derivatives could be a tough concept too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was frustrated that with all his belching that he might have been percieved as a derivative of Foster Brooks?
Which would be understandable if he were an artist who wished to portray a drunk. I mean after all Foster Brooks was the beacon of drunk performers.
Just a thought.
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Moe Wanchuk said...

He got killed trading DERIVATIVES....those are Options trades. They can be extremely risky. Guessin he lost his ass.