Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Big Red Boners, Laying Pipe: A Special HedyBlog RNC Update

I like Rudy Giuliani. I once thought he could be the next president.

But his speech at the Republican National Convention sucked.

He talked about terrorism. Because it's the only thing he's capable of talking about.

Sadly, somebody forgot to tell him that nobody cares about that stuff anymore.

It's 2008 -- not 2001 -- and I'm sorry to bring out this tired old Clinton-era phrase, but it's about the ECONOMY, stupid.

I don't know anyone who's worried about terrorists. But I know plenty of folks scared shitless about the economy.

It's not "Boy I sure hope Al Qaeda doesn't come back."

It's "Boy I sure hope I can make my mortgage payment this month."

We're not afraid of terrorists attacking our buildings, we're afraid of a very real, imminent threat: The shit-ass economy attacking our way of life.
On the other hand, Sarah Palin was great.

She talked about laying pipe and drilling. And white, gun-toting men across America saluted her with a collective Big Red Boner.

Seriously, I didn't want to like her.

But she's genuine and tough and interesting. And, God bless her, she's capable of giving a roiling political speech without sounding like a caterwauling shrew.

She confronted the issue of experience head-on and in some respects, kicked 'community organizer' Obama to the curb.

Sure, she was a little disingenuous talking about the 'pride' involved with her 17-year-old daughter's unplanned pregnancy, but what the hell.

Oh, and then there's this: With a new special needs baby and an unplanned grandbaby on the way, was it right for her to accept the nomination for VP? What about her family? How will she manage all of this?

"Nobody's asking Barack Obama how he's managing his family while running for office, so it's not fair for us to question her decision to take on the role as VP, Hedy. It's sexist."


Asking the question isn't sexist, it's honest. Because let's face it: Moms do everything. Dads are great, but Moms think of - and do - practically everything. It's what they do.

And that is precisely why I think Sarah Palin would make an excellent vice president.

She reminds me of the amazing, dedicated, where-the-hell-do-they-get-the-energy moms I know. There are a bazillion unsung Sarah Palins out there right now who care enough to get involved in the PTA and on school boards and in local governments to make a difference not only for their own kids, but all kids.

We need more strong, dedicated people like her getting involved in government so they can do the same kick-ass job for our country that they do for their families and their local communities.

Plus, she talked about laying pipe. Which is sexy.
I am listening to: I Am Woman - Helen Reddy
I am reading: Mists of Avalon by M. Z. Bradley
And I am: Probably not voting for McCain, but this new chick has made it really fun to think about


Moe Wanchuk said...

I just fell off my chair....


I fell asleep before she came on but did catch Rudy's chatter--it took me a moment to realize that he was critizing Obama, for awhile I thought he was playfully selling out McCain--yes, I am politically clueless. Must be because Market day orders are taking up all my time with Jack's school. :) HA!

Palin, well, I don't know. She bugs me for some reason that I can't place my brain on it. I see Megan Mullany (sp) doing a fabulous impersonation of her, or whatshername from 30 Rock-Tina Fey?

I was annoyed when the repub party cried out in horror claiming the Obama party was being sexist by saying that Palin was inexperienced.
Umm, so what do you call it when McCain's group said the same about Obama?

There is just something that bugs me about Palin--maybe it's the motherly mother in me that feels that she should be home, that she's a young woman and has lots of time to prove herself to the world, but first she must take care of her family.
That and as much as she is Prolife, she disagree's with school's providing sex education classes and would rather see abstinence programs.. uh.

It's a common thing or so it seems, to hear about 17year olds pregnant. But here's my question, Palin preaches about being Pro-life and although it has nothing to do with her campaign, whatever happened to adoption?

She just bugs me.

Maybe because she hunts for the fun of it and to kill bambi's mom for the hell of it, I just don't think that's acceptable-but again-I'm just me.

And She still bugs me.
I will have to find peace with it somehow.

sorry for the long rant. as usual.

db said...

I haven't had as big a crush on a woman since I Dream of Jeannie. I had to clean off the tv after the spit-take when she said, "We are going to be laying pipe!" Has anyone else noticed Sarah Palin sounds like Pearl Forrester? Except when she knifing in the zinger then she channels Lily Tomlin. Listen for it.

taxman said...

Umm, Hedy... no question that we need dedicated people to do kick ass jobs in public service, but not this one.

-hired lobbying firm and traveled to DC as a mayor to fight for earmarks for her town
-as Gov, requested the largest per capita special federal spending
-embroiled in own ethics investigation
-campaigned for the bridge to nowhere until it was ridiculed nationally, then rejected it
-instituted windfall profits tax on oil companies

She did a very good job of reading a well written speech. This does not qualify anyone for the Vice Presidency.

A friend of Moe said...

You really did go into this not wanting to like her, and in spite of that you ALMOST had a reasonable and rational evaluation of her speech last night.
I too watched the entire speech and sorry Hedy, I just don't recall the part where she disingenuously took pride in the 17 year old daughters pregnancy. I'm pretty damn sure she never even mentioned it.

Susan said...

Dear Politico Hedy...

In keeping with the important facts of this campaign...let’s not overlook the in-all-of-us-women's-faces issue of....

her husband being so H-O-T-T!!

i’d take a swat

Anonymous said...

I liked when she talked about getting rid of the governors jet and the cook! I bet half the blowhards in that room shit a brick... ha ha ha ha ha... be careful what you wish for Republicans!
Comrad Gromit

Hedy said...

Taxman! HEY if you could build a ginormous free bridge in your backyard, you'd do it. Seriously, she's got background issues - no doubt about it. But my main point was that I liked her in spite of myself. And if someone like me - a liberal/libertarian/child-free/pro-choice/self-loathing femiNazi - can like her, then (if she can survive more vetting) there's a chance McCain could actually win this thing after all. That's all. Now help Moe up off the floor, would ya please?

Also, Friend of Moe: She didn't mention it in her speech, but in her 'official statement' on the matter, she says she's proud of her daughter and proud to be grandparents, which is complete bullshit. If she really cared about her daughter's future, she was absolutely horrified when she found out and this is all just political happy crap. If she's going to be part of McCain's Straight Talk Express, she's going to have to get acquainted with the word candor. Soon.

Susan! Yes! The VP's husband is delicious.

Gromit: Aren't you a little concerned that so far, there's been no word on if she includes dogs in her (growing) famly? I'd be.

Anonymous said...

When she became mayor of Wasilla the budget was at 0. No debt, no excess. To her credit she managed to obtain Federal money to the tune of 25 million dollars during those years. But when she left the position 8 years later the town was in debt in the amount of $23 million dollars.
That's dog enough for me!

Posolxstvo I said...

What I want to know is if she's ever accidentally shot a hunting buddy on any of these hunting trips. If not, I don't think she's qualified to be Veep.

molly gras said...

Alright, I have to admit, Pos's comment made me laugh til I practically peed my pants!

Anonymous said...

BTW, I've been to Wasilla, AK, and it's pretty much the middle of fucking nowhere. If you blink, you'd miss it.

Cindy said...

I'm glad someone else noticed the "laying pipe"! I admit, she is fascinating to watch, she has these tiny mannerisms that are unusual and pretty. But as a military mom there's no way in hell I'd vote for that ticket.

First McCain picked her without vetting and within a few days of announcing her. That's irresponsible even if she turns out to be Jesus in a skirt. What else are they going to be impulsive about?

Second what I don't like about her is that she acts like her shit doesn't stink, just goes about attacking other people like she's fully qualified to do so. I don't like that kind of boldface gall whether you're a man or a woman.

She reminds me of those popular girls in high school who were nice to you when they wanted something but really were mean people who mocked you when you weren't around.