Thursday, September 25, 2008

I got me some foreign policy experience, too, dagnabbit

Just watch this moronic bitch and tell me she should be leading anything but maybe the annual Girl Scout cookie sale:

Hmmmm...reminds you of another video, doesn't it? Such as...

Furthermore, I grew up in Mt. Clemens, Michigan -- a town about 30 minutes from Windsor, Canada. I'm no beauty queen, but I guess that makes me an expert on foreign relations.

"You see, the Canadians, are uh, right over there and ya know, uh, sometimes their Canadian coins get mixed in with our U.S. coins, so I'm not only an expert on foreign policy but on international monetary policy, too. Except you can't use their coins in our parking meters, which is a real bummer, ya know? You betcha. Alrighty."

Fuck that. Cookies are too yummy and important to be trusted to this silly twat.
I am listening to: Entourage
I am reading: Nothing
And I am: Disgusted again, sorry


Posolxstvo I said...


Just ... wow.

Underneath it all, you know that George Herbert Walker Bush is hoping that McCain gets elected if only so he can take the "Biggest Knob of a V.P." Award out of his trophy case and send it to McCain.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fucking DOG and I know more about foreign affairs than this - six college going - journalism studying - gas bag!!! UGGH...

And now... the only defense for Republicans is to blast Obama...
4,3,2,1... Moe?


A friend of Moe's said...

This interview was bad. So was Joe Biden's recent interview with Katie Couric where he said (and I quote): “Part of what a leader does is to instill confidence is demonstrate that he or she knows what their talking about and communicates to people, if you listen to me and follow what I’m suggesting we can fix this. When the stock market crashed Franklin Roosevelt got on television and didn’t just talk about the - you know - the pictures of greed, he said look this is what happened."
That sounds good, except it's all crap… Hoover was President, not FDR. And TV was still many years away in 1929.
Do a You-Tube search for any of the following phrases and tell be who is and who is not suited to be a running mate.
-joe biden drunk
-joe biden drinking
-joe biden racist
-Joe biden liar
-joe biden chronic liar
-joe biden indian gaffe
-Joe biden asks man in wheelchair to stand up
-joe biden dumbass
-joe biden scum
-joe biden douch-bag
I agree Sarah Palin's credentials are questionable, and I don't lik the idea of a hockey mom as my vice president. But I sure don't want this glad-handing sleazy used car salesman either.

Anonymous said...

Show of hands...
Biden or Palin for president?

Really... is there a debate here... really?

Biden is a veteran of more than three decades in the Senate, and one of his party's leading experts on international affairs...

I told you the only defense of Palin was to blast the dems...
Blast away... she is still a JOKE!
This election is officially over...
Obama 2008

Hedy said...

Grommie! Who knew you were so up on political affairs? I thought leaving Animal Planet on while we're at work was good for you, but clearly SOMEONE with a furry butt has figured out how to use the remote and favors CNN. Obama '08!

Anonymous said...

Truthfully Hedy... I'm not much for CNN or MSNBC... and of course Fox is only for those who hate America... I watch C-SPAN I II III
I hope you aren't pissed...
And I'm an expert on Poland because Jim fills my doggie bowl...