Tuesday, September 02, 2008


"Please fuck me this is not a joke"

It's rare that spam gets my attention anymore, but this subject line prompted me to open the e-mail Right Away.

My mind was racing during the Michael Phelps millisecond it took to click, then load. Could it be...Craig Ferguson? Someone with a yet to be identified life or death medical condition? Moe?


Turns out it was someone named Melodyxkon2 inviting me to chat via Yahoo messenger.

Hmmm. Melody. xkon. 2.

Ever get a spam e-mail you just HAD to open? Are you still getting spam?

The only reason I even see spam anymore is because of Yahoo - it was the first personal e-mail account I ever opened and is only used now for placing orders on-line or for signing up for news sites that require a login.
So what'd you do with the e-mail, Hedy?

Sadly, I had to forgo a humorless roll in the hay with the tuneful two-time felon.

But I know just the guy who would LOVE that sort of thing.

Click. Forward. Send to: MoeWanchuk@ElitistHornyPigs.com.
I am listening to: Gromit breathing
I am reading: The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
And I am: Not falling for it again


Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is HOT! If she sent me a spam email titled - "I like it DoggyStyle!" - I'd turn in my frisbee, buy a "How to be a World Class Dog Sledder" self help book and hitch a ride up to Alaska!
Mmmm - TAX ME! - Woof

Anonymous said...

The spam is still going around, but now (Sept 2 2008) Melody the xcon is up to 5.

Moe Wanchuk said...

Bring it On!....I've always wanted to have Prison Sex!

kengell said...

Strange, I uttered that same phrase "please fuck me this is not a joke" to my date last Wednesday. It works! It really works! My single guy friends tell me that "chicks really dig the straight forward no bullshit pick up lines". Am I right Hedy? I mean, it worked with your email, but you're a no nonsense gal who loves playing with her iPhone 'cover'. :)

Posolxstvo I said...

I ate my first spam sandwich in nigh on twenty years over the weekend. Does that count?

jcole said...

Received this email, so I opened it up. Never knowing what a spam was before. I thought this email came from a very old and dear friend. So I open it up, and here I am. Thank you for sending me this email , to be able to say what you think is one thing but to write it and have someone know what you are actually thinking is something elas. So thanks!

Anonymous said...

lol. I got one today, Sep 4, 2008. it said " Chat to me just by getting Yahoo Messenger my screenname: melodyxkon14 "