Thursday, January 04, 2007

Nothing on

“There’s nothing on.”

I’m half-listening to Jim as he channel surfs through New Year’s Day.

We’re in the family room on the couch with Gromit between us, enjoying the Christmas tree for one last day before the holidays are officially over.

“How about National Geographic channel or Discovery?” asks me, hopeful for something semi-intelligent as background noise whilst blog-surfing on the Mac.

“What’s this?” I ask, glancing up from Rather Than Working a few minutes later.

“History of the hot dog.”
Jim has since seen the light and we spent last night watching shows about Saddam Hussein on the History Channel. Historically impaired, neither of us realized the link between radical Muslims and Nazi Germany.

The show was mostly an awful lotta boring blah blah about troops and strategy and alliances, with some dude called the Grand Mufti orchestrating most of it from the Muslim side of things.

Based on his extremely poor choice of headgear alone, you’d be surprised if one of these guys could orchestrate his way out of a paper bag.
“Is it muff-tee or moof-tee?” I ask Jim.

Here he comes! He’s the Grand Mufti!

He is Fierce and Powerful!

Confuse him with a dessert involving Marshmallow Fluff and those tiny chocolate sprinkles At Your Peril!
Yes. I am the one who wanted to watch Something Intelligent. Deal with it.

I am listening to: INXS - Don't Change
I am reading: The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama
And I am: Mufti-riffic!


Dave said...

Thanks for the free advertising.

spike said...

Is Jim the guy with the Yamika, or the guy with the Chef hat?