Tuesday, September 18, 2007


"What is he thinking?" asks Jim, as a nostalgic-looking O.J. is taken away in handcuffs last night.

What IS he thinking, hmm?

O.J. is promoting his book. Obviously.

But Hedy, the Goldman family gets the proceeds - they published the book.

They get 90%.

10% will go to O.J.'s creditors.

Say what you will about Simpson, but this is downright twisty-brilliant.

He's making headlines. Again.

For criminal behavior. Again.

And his murder how-to book?

It's #2 on Amazon.
I am listening to: Two and a Half Men
I am reading: Harry Potter 6
And I am: Staying away from sharp objects


you know who... said...

Don't let Jim read the book.

From chapter two:

....bitch didn't have no job. Always spending money. Bitch bought new shoes, then bought more shoes for the train ride home. Two pair of shoes in one day! What was I to do? What could I do? Jobless-shoe-buying-bitch gotta learn her lesson.....

Hedy said...

If the shoes don't fit...hmm...


Maybe OJ should move in with Alan..perhaps Charlie can whip his ass into shape. :)
Still waiting for the beer fairy to drop off Hedy and some brews..