Friday, September 14, 2007

Bad day

If you make sure you're connected
The writing's on the wall
But if your mind's neglected
Stumble you might fall

A semi-rainy April morning in 1993. Stereo MC’s are telling me I need to get myself connected. And I’m driving to work - anxious to get there for a big client event we’re hosting.

Approaching the intersection of North Avenue and Gary, a car turns in front of me with seconds to spare. The light turns yellow. The car behind the one that turned turns, too.

POW! Slams right into me.

I can’t breathe. Unbelievable, sharp pain in my chest.

Ambulance. Surgery. Five days in the hospital.

Bad day.
Walking at a fast clip on the treadmill. It’s two months after ACL surgery to fix the silly snowboarding mishap and I am feeling fine fine fine.

Foot slips. I go down on the bad knee. POP!

Within minutes my ruined knee is as big and round as a baby’s head.

Broken kneecap. Surgery.

Bad day.
November, last year. We three ex co-workers at our monthly stay-in-touch night at the local pub.

A mobile phone rings and is answered.

“Hey. Oh? No.”

The cancer he nearly died beating is back – brain, lung, skin.

Very bad day.
Two weeks ago, my aunt in Reno finds my uncle in their driveway coughing up blood.

Now she’s dialing his office just to hear his voicemail because all that’s left of him is in an urn waiting to be buried in Michigan.

Bad, bad days.
So I was fired last Friday.

To say that it was shocking, unbelievably fucked up and downright wrong is an understatement.

But it wasn’t a bad day. Not by a long shot.
I am listening to: Black Snake Moan
I am reading: HP5
And I am: Trying for a little perspective


Posolxstvo said...

1. I like the new look.

2. I don't know anything about what happened about you getting fired, but it sounds like it was just plain wrong.

3. Despite all the arguments you might have against it, why it won't work, isn't feasible, etc., I would encourage you to take this as an opportunity to pursue that Journalism degree you've hinted at before. You write well, and you should foster that. And then afterward, go get that job across the street at the, what was it, the Chicago Sun-Times?

Hedy said...

1. Thank you, Pos. 2. I've never been fired before, but I'm quite certain this wasn't the way it's supposed to happen. 3. That brought a smile, thanks. It's exhausting to think of a job search in my current field - I think that's another sign that I need to make more of an effort at writing professionally. My undergrad is in journalism and I've done a bit of freelance for a local paper, it's just that starting over in reporting (especially) is not financially optimal. Although I haven't really tried hard enough to make it work to really rule it out. Thank you for your support and for making me smile so early in the morning.

Posolxstvo said...

I figured I owed you a smile after being a smartass jerk in my comments to your last post.


Hedy, the layout of your site looks awesome. Very upbeat with a hint of reserve-very very cool!

I'm still hanging out waiting for you to pop over for some beers-take the geneva train up to liberty station :)...just don't trip and hurt yourself.

This was a wonderful posting. I could feel your emotions, I could feel your raw pain, some healing pain, and I'm glad to see that you're holding up. As in your post, it could be far worse. (My sympathies for your Aunt and her family-how terrible!!-As well as that individual who's cancer returned!!)
I do agree with Pos-you are a writer, follow that's the opportunity. Research research research until the opportunity is given to you. Until then, perhaps writing reviews? I have quite a few blogging buddies that do that...
Hang in there..They lost a great person, and employee-they're going to be screwed on cookie fridays now. :)

Dave said...

Come down here and write for the AJC, we're sorta AA ball. It'll give you some seasoning till your game's ready for a real newspaper.

Mom said...

WOW! I love the new look. Bigger & better days are ahead. I sure love my little cupcake.

Hedy said...

Thank you so much for your support. I guess it's the classic conundrum - do what you're passionate about or do what pays the bills. I know two, maybe three people, tops, for whom it's the same thing. If I'd made better decisions earlier... well, you know. It seems like I oughtta at least do the research. Thanks again for making me smile.

Dave said...

So you're not coming? Think this through. Remember the story of driving to see the folks in the blizzard in Michigan? Not going to happen down here.

The diner story? We only have Waffle House.

Commutes from hell? Well, we have those.

Football is much better down here. Baseball, this year is a wash.

You would have to bathe Gromit in anti-everything soap on a constant basis.

Jim would have the equivalent and maybe better airport for travel connections.

Our politicians are every bit as corrupt as yours and they smile more when they lie to you.

Hedy said...

Dave! Thank you for the invitation. The weather, the football, even the politicians have to be better down there. But seriously, if I moved anywhere but Michigan, Mom would disown me for sure. :)

Kvatch said...

Only been fired once, and it sucked! (Startup went tits-up.) But it led to some interesting possibilities.

Keep looking for the possibilities.