Friday, September 07, 2007

Hedy Potter

Blast-Ended Skrewts. Bubotubers. Floo powder. Grindylows.

I’m in the thick of Harry Potter. Book five, to be exact.

And there’s just no other word for it: Magical.

It’s a classic story of good versus evil. Like an updated Wizard of Oz with good witches and bad witches and elves instead of munchkins.

What’s more, Harry’s stories are surprisingly moral. He’s just everything you want in a hero – brave, kind, and generous. He cares about his friends. He’s passionate about fighting evil.

But even if if if the stories were crap crap crap, the books are still worth reading simply for all those cool words like remembrall and quaffle and niffler. And even cooler names like Mundungus and Dumbledore and Severus Snape (who we love to hate).
So, ya got any magical powers?

Here are mine in no particular order:

Eye Tripping: It happens all the time – a stranger is walking toward me. We make eye contact. They trip. Not the fall down/skinned knees kind of trip. More like a walking hiccup.

Magic Hands: There’s a seminar tomorrow morning and I need 18 brochures. I find the right tray in the veritable wall of collateral and grab exactly 18. Same with pens. I always pick exactly the right amount. This is an extremely valuable talent for a Marketing Goddess like me. Bonus: This magical power also applies to finding the exact page I need in a book or magazine.

Disappearing Dog: Gromit is pestering me. Again. Jim is conveniently elsewhere in the house. All I have to say is “Gromit! Where is he?” and that silly little bugger runs off to find Jim like his tail’s on fire. Technically, this is not magic. It helps just a smidge, having a semi-retarded dog.
“I need a cauldron,” says me, watching a show about naked Pagans.

“Why don’t you try cooking something in a pot in the kitchen first?” replies Jim.
Harry Potter has a scar shaped like a lightning bolt in the center of his forehead.

In the center of my forehead there’s a big wrinkle that, if I squinch up my face just right, looks kinda like a lightning bolt.

I can’t wait to hear what Jim says about purchasing a broom.
I am listening to: Some football game
I am reading: HP 5
And I am: Not a muggle


spike said...

100% agree...I absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter Series. I'm on book 6 right now and am actually getting sad that I only have 1 more to go. I LOOOOVE Snape! The best! If you've seen the movies, he's OUTSTANDING!
What's great is that my 9 yr old and I are in a race to finish the series. Harry Potter is a major reason that my kid Loves to read. I recommend to all.

DewMama said...

That wasn't "eye tripping"--that was "BOOB tripping" :)

phatdoggy said...

I've been known to have magic hands too!

taxman said...

i have A magic hand (singular)