Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The big chill out

“Remember those laboratory rats who went crazy when they were deprived of their privacy?”

“They’re living with you, too?”
That's a conversation from one of my all-time favorite movies: The Big Chill.

Confession time.

I've been completely burnt out from all the activity this summer. We've had a lot of visits and visitors, small trips and major vacations.

And it was lovely. We are so blessed.

But by Sunday afternoon, I was officially DONE.

So I popped some popcorn, popped in The Big Chill and chilled out on the couch all afternoon.

Yes, it was beautiful outside. Yes it was the last weekend of the summer.

No, I didn't care. I needed couch and comfort and quiet.
I was so caught up in needing a little peaceful alone time that the irony didn't catch up with me until this morning on the train ride into the city.

When I saw The Big Chill for the first time in an English class in high school, it changed my perspective on what love is. And what friendship is all about.

It was a powerful message - love and appreciate your people while they're here rather than waiting until it's too late.

So I'm done being crabby and done being done.

I'm focusing on the blessings of a busy summer.

And it's beautiful.
I am listening to: Matchbox 20 - Push
I am reading: Harry Potter - Book 5 (finally!)
And I am: Quiet


Mrs. Pos said...

I'm glad you're back.

And we all need to chill out when things don't feel right ... I'm happy you made that happen for yourself.

Good luck with the rest of Harry Potter ... I'm still in a bit of a funk because the story has ended for me :(