Friday, September 21, 2007

Rudy it is then

Speaking of silly quizzes, here's something interesting: Select a Candidate.

Confession: I like this survey straight out of the gate. For 'Age' I get to choose 36 - 40, which makes me feel younger for some reason.

Answer a few questions and it lets you know which candidate shares your views on the war in Iraq, immigration, tax cuts, universal health care, gay marriage, abortion, blah.

For me, Rudy gets the landslide: 34 points. Apparently I agree with him on:

Stem-Cell Research
Health Care
Social Security
Death Penalty

Next: Democratic candidate Bill Richardson with 28 points. Joe Biden, another Democrat, gets 26 points.
So where's your man Barack in all of this, Hed?

He scored 20. Along with Clinton and Kucinich. Bleh.

The thing is, I've love-love-loved Rudy ever since seeing him speak at Benedictine University back in 2002. But I'm not sure he's electable.

As for Barack, I like his refreshing personality and charisma, but I don't like where he stands on the majority of issues.

Confession II: If Michael Douglas' character in The American President were running, I'd vote for him in a heartbeat. Twisted, yes. Also a sad, sad commentary on our current candidates when my favorite is a fictional character from a movie back in 1995.
Predictions: I'm going with Giuliani for the Republican nominee. Not that I'm a conspiracy theorist, but I suspect a well-timed U.S. terrorist attack in 2008 gives him the nostalgic Republican edge in the election. The one-two punch is complete when Clinton, the Democratic nominee, self-implodes with a juicy, lesbian-related October surprise. Obama gets a little less green and looks good for a re-run in 2012.

Based on this quiz, who's your candidate? And were you surprised?
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the dilf said...

So...since we/you now know that you're a closet republican, how come you're so pro-democrat???...Oooops, I mean pro-Libertarian.
Whatever became of your Obama group meetings?
Didn't you once tell us that Republican girls hate giving Blowj*bs?
If you're a Libertarian, where did Ron Paul show up on your list? sure doesn't seem like you're the person you have been portraying to us!!!! We Want Answers!

Hedy said...

Hey Dilf - I'm liberal on social issues like abortion and gay marriage, but conservative on fiscal issues. That's why my boy Rudy popped up first. Rudy is way closer to being a libertarian than Ron Paul (who came up last on my list with only 14 points). Our for-sale-to-the-highest-bidder government has no business managing health care or retirement for its citizens. And I quit the Obama group because it was run by a bunch of fucktards who couldn't ever make a decision to actually DO something. Onward and upward with Rudy, I say!

Posolxstvo said...

Rudy got the nod at 28 points from me, followed by Hillary and barrack tied for 25. Judging from the magnitude of your score versus mine, I assume you're a lot more passionate about issues than I am.

The beauty of the Libertarian party is that you can be a libertarian and have a candidate who is a complete idiot (and therefore disagrees with you on everything) but is still a libertarian and no one sees this as a paradox. Because we libs are all about don't mess with me and I won't mess with you.

I'm not a true libertarian anymore though, since I realized that although I would have liberty, so would all the idiotic morons who would shoot their own heads off with it if they ever truly had it. So I am a selective libertarian. More of a aristocratic libertatrian or something...

If your IQ is greater than say 115, you are granted freedom. Under that and you are still closely regulated. Whaddya think?

Hedy said...

Pos! BRILLIANT plan! Thanks for making me laugh out loud today...

Dave said...

So ya'll know:

Kucinich 25

Giuliani 24

Gravel 24

Paul 23

Dodd 20

Those rankings aren't possible are they?

I think I need political therapy.

Hedy said...

Kucinich? Really? Whew. That's really something, Dave. I bet he'd be thrilled to hear from you - you've gotta be like his second or third biggest fan at least. :)


I think I did something wrong..
Mine says, "vote for Jeb!"